TAWOG episode ideas.....

The Baton- When Darwin enters the school track team, Gumball makes a elaborate scheme to sabotage one of the runners, but everything that could go wrong for the blue cat does.

The Scouts- When Gumball and Darwin see how the Elmore Girl Scouts make cookies, they must expose them before It's too late.

The Break- What the cops of Elmore do when the day is over.

The Planets- Space-Related mishaps that revolve around Elmore's Solar System.

The Message- A girl's night out turns dangerous when Penny, Molly, Carrie, Teri, Masami, and Carmen use William as a drone to spy on people.

The Punishment- Anais must stop all the students at Elmore Jr. High, who are sick of Billy snitching on them.

And that was only 6 C: