T1 Stops Hanwha Life Insurance’

한화생명 무패전차 멈춰세운 T1, 핵심은 피넛 봉쇄 | 한국경제

T1 Stops Hanwha Life Insurance’s ‘Undefeated Tank’, The Key is ‘Peanut Blockade’



T1 won a complete 2-0 victory over Hanwha Life Esports on the 28th.


By tying for second place with Hanwha Life Insurance with 3 wins and 1 loss, it is evaluated that it has solidified the top three system of the 2024 LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea).


The current leader in the league is Gen.G Esports, with 4 wins and 0 losses. 바카라사이트


Hanwha Life Insurance’s ‘undefeated tank’, which had previously been racing to victory, has come to a halt.


The key strategy that T1 used to stop Hanwha Life Insurance was to tie the hands and feet of ‘Peanut’ Han Wang-ho.


T1 blatantly carried out a ‘peanut blockade’ strategy from the first set.


In the 1st set ban pick phase, they cut Maokai, Vi, and Sejuani and invested 3 banned cards in the jungle champion.


It was a ploy to reduce influence by cutting the mainstream pick with the highest pick rate in the LCK and Han Wang-ho’s preferred card.


Han Wangho is currently showing a high win rate of 77.4% against Maokai, 78.8% against Bai, and 63.8% against Sejuani.

Han Wang-ho, who lost his preferred card, chose Poppy as the next best option.


Poppy is also Han Wangho’s weapon with a high win rate of 76.9%.


However, his role was limited as he lacked clear initiating skills compared to Maokai, Vi, and Sejuani, and he showed a disappointing performance with 0 kills, 1 death, and 5 assists.


In the second set, T1 maintained a similar direction.


Maokai and Sejuani were cut out first.


Han Wang-ho chose to survive, but this was a trap for T1.


T1 chose Rell and Varus and completed a combination that countered the incoming Vi.


In addition, thanks to the super plays of Choi ‘Zeus’ Woo-je, who chose Yone, and Sang-hyeok ‘Faker’, who chose Orianna, T1 won in 28 minutes of game time.


T1, which won against Hanwha Life Insurance, is gaining momentum by recording 3 consecutive wins since losing to Gen.G in the opening game.


This week, they face relatively weak teams DRX and OK Savings Bank Brion, so they can expect a winning streak.


Lee Sang-hyuk’s personal record is just around the corner.


Lee Sang-hyuk has played in 890 LCK games (set basis) to date, recording 598 wins and 292 losses.


In the process, he achieved 2991 kills.


If he continues his winning streak this week, he is expected to reach his 600th win and 3,000 kills.


Meanwhile, Hanwha Life Insurance, which lost to T1, will play against Dplus Kia on Friday.


If they lose to Diplo Kia, they could be pushed to the middle of the rankings, so it is a match they cannot back down from.


As the destruction law called ‘Peanut blockade’ was revealed in the match with T1, it seems that the deciding factor will be how Hanwha Life Insurance prepares for it.