Play Super6 from Sky Sports and Win £250,000


Sports broadcasting giant 'Sly Sports' return with their weekly, free-to-play competition 'super6'. Open to all players in the UK aged 18 or over it gives them the opportunity to play for a weekly cash prize of £250,00 with no financial outlay whatsoever!

The competition takes place every Saturday at 3pm during the football season and to be in with a chance of winning the jackpot you will need to correctly predict the exact score of 6 different football matches! Sounds easy? Well it's only ever won a few times each season but sky sports have given away £1,000,000s over the years to lucky players.

Early in 2015 53 players all won in the same week! This meant they shared the £250,000 prize pool and took home just under £5,000 each! This is far from normal as most times the jackpot is won it is taken by someone in it's entirety. In the case of a tied result a 'golden goal' is used. This is when a player selects the minute of the 1st goal, the person closest will win the jackpot.

Don't worry if you don't win as there are prizes every single week for the person that gets the most correct (£5,000) as well as prizes for progressing up the monthly and yearly league tables.

Getting started is easy! Simply download the super6 app for your smart phone or visit the super6 website. If you are stuck for tips or have no idea what predictions to submit then visit remember you have until 3pm each Saturday to get your predictions in!

Super6 is a free to enter competition from Sky sports. For more information on the competition and find out how to play visit

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Jason Anders