It is said that every time when Jaysh Al-Fath liberates a territory they leave it without implementing and ruling by the Sharia of Allah? Is this statement true?


Shaykh Abdullah Al-Muhaysini answers:

I do not really with to answer to this actually and answering to this could be considered as explaining something which is quite clear. But because there are those who distort and disunite, and show off at the expense of the righteous pure blood, of those who charged the enemy and sold the world and divorced it for Allah the Almighty, they try to cause turmoil on their behalf, so it is necessary for us to explain the matter. I say to those who say we do not implement the Sharia; it is actually your minds who do not understand what the Sharia means. Those who ask if we are implementing the Sharia in Idlib, I ask them; what do you understand about implementing the Sharia? How do you rule over a territory and when are you ruling in it by the Sharia or not? Do they judge in it by pretty banners or beautiful scenery? It is ruled by the Words of Allah the Almighty "Legislation is for no one but Allah." (12:40) I say to every brother, come and enter Idlib and look at the Islamic court in Idlib, ask them any Sharia question, if the answer by man-made laws I am the first one who leaves this riffle and stop fighting. I seek refuge in Allah against fighting for secularism or the like. But they do not judge with anything except with "Allah said" and "The Prophet (SalAllahu Alayhi wa Selam) said."

This is ruling by the Sharia, I tel this to those show off on the backs of these righteous Mujahideen on the Path of Allah. Ruling by the Sharia is removing polytheism in the Muslims lands of today, ruling by the Sharia is removing alcohol drinks. Where are the alcohol shops? Where are the dancing bars? They are all closed thanks to Allah or they are changes to Dawah offices and Sharia institutes. Idlib today is filled with schools for Quran memorization and all thanks are due to Allah. Idlib today is filled with womens and mens teachings centers. Today it is filled with Jihad centers and institutes. And the Sharia, to those who do not know what implementing Sharia means, is Jihad on the Path of Allah! These people do not know what implementing Sharia means. That's why Al-Mawardi said in Al-Ahkaam Al-Sultaniyah: "The core of implementing the Sharia of Allah the Almighty on his earth, is repelling the transgressing enemy out of the Muslim countries." The greatest matter concerning the implementation of the Sharia is stopping the barrels-boms of death on our brothers in Douma, Zabadani, Aleppo, Binish, Taftanaz, etc, etc, and other Muslim territories. The greatest matter is stopping these barrels which destroyed our homes and relatives. 

This is what the implementation of the Sharia means, taught to us by our predecessors. For the implementation of the Sharia, look at the courts, look at the alcohol dancing bars, look at the Jihad on the Path of Allah, and then judge if the Sharia is implemented or not? As for those who are narrow minded concerning the implementation of the Sharia, thinking that implementing the Sharia is what he likes to see in his heart, he likes to see the wearing of Niqaab spread every where and if not this would mean that the Sharia is not implemented, etc. We say this is his wrong thinking and not the reality of Jihad on the Path of Allah. Those who see a number of unveiled/adorned women for example and says; where is the implementation of the Sharia? We say; you do not understand the implementation of the Sharia.

We and the brothers in Jaysh Al-Fath and other fronts today are capable of publishing a decree which obliges the women to wear the Niqaab, while there is a difference of opinion about this issue in the first place, and we are capable of obliging people to leave their beards grow, and obliging people to stop smoking, etc, etc. We could decree tens of issues. Yes, and the people will obey forcefully, maybe in ten days, and people would then scream; we have implemented the Sharia! But is this really the implementation of the Sharia? Did we implement the Sharia by doing this? When the people did this and entered their homes hating the religion of Allah due to these harsh manners forced on the people in one go? While they considered themselves as disobedient in the beginning they now started to consider the religion of Allah consist of a bunch of authorative people, and they can't wait to return to their previous situation they were on. Look at some territories which were retaken by the PKK and the Kurds, territories in which they were forced to wear the Niqaab by ISIS, the women after that started to smoke publicly and take of their Hijaab.

Because when you force people they will have a desire to leave the Sharia, but when the people are pleased and the women are pleased, about the religion of Allah, the Jihad, and the implementation of the Sharia in themselves, through calling to Allah and believe in Allah. Without closing the Hisbah (Islamic guards who command good and forbid evil in public) and accountability, but like Umar ibn AbdulAziz said to his son: "Don't you see that not a day passes or an innovation is removed and makes way for the Sunnah. So that the people come to the religion of Allah the Almighty?" This is how we must understand the implementation of the Sharia of Allah the Almighty. The implementation of the Sharia of Allah is  a mercy for people, it is love towards people, it is removing people from darkness in to light, it is treating the neighbor kindly and maintaining family ties and feeding the poor and rescuing the thirsty, and judging by the rule of Allah before all of this. Those who ask if the Sharia of Allah the Almighty is implemented in Idlib, we say; Yes by Allah who has no partners, the Sharia of Allah is implemented in Idlib. We will not betray the blood of our truthful righteous martyrs shed in the land of Shaam..

Translated by: DMIS.                             

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