Renting a Car in Paxos

In recent years renting a car to explore the beauty of any location during the holidays has emerged as a latest trend among the tourists. The worth-mentioning feature of renting a car is that it facilitates them to visit the particular city or different cities of the country according to their convenience without adjusting their schedule according to the timings of public transportation. This has flourished the business of car renting at the high speed in entire world, and therefore renting a car in the Paxos Island is not an exception to it. Here also you can rent according to your requirement and explore the hidden beauty of this smallest Greek island.



Well, now the question arises that how you should rent the car, what will be its cost, which car will be best for you to visit, from where you can rent it, and finally what documents you will need to avoid any type of legal action against you for illegal driving. Anyhow, before all these, the most important thing for you to consider a suitable location for you to stay at the island during vacations. It would be interesting to know that going through the arrival of visitors from the different corners of Greece and rest of the world, there are different types of residential villas available on Paxos island, Greece.

Villas in Paxos


These villas are located in the green valley of the island surrounded with the olive groves, all of them are elegantly furnished and maintained properly to offer comfortable accommodation to the tourists. It would be interesting to know that they are available according to the requirements of the visitors for instance if you are a solo visitor, then you will find a villa which is either suitable for a single person or a villa which is shared with another same type of tourist, if you are going with your family and friends then you will find a big villa, and if only with your spouse then a villa which is suitable for couples only. In short, these villas have everything for all the visitors depending upon their requirement. Anyhow, before discussing the process of car renting let us see, how large is the Paxos island?


How large is the Paxos Island?

Interestingly, as referred above the island is the smallest island in Greece beginning from the Lakka and ending on the Mongonissi, it can be covered in half an hour by walking. However, the traffic and other things that come in your way also matter the time of visiting the whole island. But, of course, it is surrounded by various small islands that you can visit by hiring a ferry or a car according to your convenience.


Paxos Island

From where to hire a car?

Today, keeping the trend of car renting during the holidays, you can find lots of car renting agencies on the island offering the facility depending upon the need of the visitors. Besides, the villa owners also do arrange the car renting facility on the demand of the guests.


How is the condition of the roads?

The condition of the roads on the Paxos island is quite good, however at some places you might find rugged roads, which is not an exception. The one thing which you should keep in concern while driving is to retain full control on your vehicle, because as the island is located in the hilly areas, the roads are steep due to which you should drive with proper care. Moreover, as people in throughout the Greece drive roughly despite the traffic rules, you should follow the driving instructions accordingly to avoid any trouble.

Documents and age required for renting the car?

For renting the car in Greece you should be equivalent and above 18 years and carry an international driving license.

Do you need Sat Navs?

Although the island is quite small, there are some place where you might not get internet signals, but still depending on Sat Nav will be a great help to locate the destination you want to go.



Final Word: It can be said that renting a car in Paxos is of course not a big deal the only thing you need to have is comply with the Greek traffic laws to avoid any trouble.

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