Re-visioning the actuality and future events.  

Unity, turning points, expansion and overpowerment.

By Shaykh Abu Qatadah Al-Filistinee


The fear of premature victory:

“Believe me I am more afraid for victory, as for turmoil and tribulations its decree is easier. I am afraid that victory will come and we will ascribe it to ourselves. I am afraid for the disputes it will cause, because victory causes disputes between people. I am afraid that it will cause strife. That is why Allah said “And another thing you love; victory from Allah and an imminent conquest.” (61:13) Meaning, it is for us. Allah loves for us forgiveness and Paradise. This happens without any side-effects, with tribulation, without disputes and strife. No one will dispute with you over your imprisonment, and not over your poverty, and not over the spilling of your blood; you are alone with it. It strips from all power and from all strength, and you pass by calling and supplicating, with certain poverty and complete inability. We can not live with the victory that Allah loves until despair reaches its limits so that when it comes we ascribe it to Allah. But today you see people thank countries and thank leaders and backers. That is why you should not be afraid for victory when it descents on the pious because they will ascribe it to Allah and they will welcome it with seeking forgiveness like the Prophet (SalAllahu Alayhi wa Selam) did.

If victory was reached today everyone who sacrificed a penny would request a share from the war spoils. But patience, all of them will flee, and people will scream that they have changed and bargained. So that when victory comes its people will be except those who stayed steadfast, and except those sold their souls exclusively to Allah. Today we see that those who live in hotels consider themselves to be Mujahideen. All of this does not fit with the victory of Allah for this religion, nor the victory that is tied with forgiveness in the Quran. Victory with ignorance is a disaster for faith, it is a disaster for piety. You can not rule out that it will be stolen and that it will be controlled by the corrupt. We are living the days of prophecies and this means the victory of religion and the empowerment of religion and the removal of infidelity. So these introductions of turmoils and tribulations are therefore necessary. That is why when I said “I am afraid that victory will come today” I understood that if it came the hypocrites would dispute over it, and they would overwhelm it because of their multitude at that moment.”       


The anticipation of decline and loss of direction in Shaam:

“I understood that victory would not come without a turning point, rather not without many turning points in which much dirt will fall. I stopped a while ago with visualizing coming events, because I discovered that the unseen is filled with wonders which we do not expect; whether they be positive or negative expectations. We will always be surprised with wonders and strange events. But I am convinced that there are major turning points ahead. Among them the expansion of Jihaad to other countries, the changing characteristics of leadership and groups, the invasion of the original disbelievers more openly and clearly, and exposing an increase of those who will fall under the pretext of the jurisprudence of interests.”


Turning point - The expansion of Jihaad and unity:

“The expansion will topple nationality, and it will topple the corrupt (tribal, national) fanaticism created by the soldiers of the devil, and it will topple the deception of supposed control by the infidels over our countries, and it will prevent achieving a foothold in one area against another active area. The expansion of Jihaad is definitely in our advantage, with some effort and exhaustion, but its benefit will be for the Ummah. Unity is a legitimate demand, but it is far away, there is neither introduction nor condition for it. Furthermore, the Ummah did not unite since the killing of Uthaam (May Allah be pleased with him). This issue is therefore finished. So we must deal with it like a husband deals with his wife, he enjoys her while she is not virtuous, because forcing her to be virtuous equals breaking her. Some will impose the sword as the solution, but this solution is sinful and criminal and rejected by the Sharia. Its consequence is more blood without reaching its goals.

Difference between people is illusive, but it is rooted by a thin coat of legitimacy, which our souls consider to be thick. I saw some people today who called for leaving the different groups so that they could join one group. When I read this I got tired, and said this is how fantasies are created. As for the merger, and the shouting that accompanies it, all praises are due to Allah I did not utter one word against it. Rather I saw those who cracked their heads by stressing the necessity of unity eventually becoming against it, this shows the depth of desires in the soul. As for the realization of unity, this is an aspiration, but it is a far away aspiration. The alternative? Cooperate with each other as much as possible, advise each other as much as possible, and wish good for everyone, and refrain from spreading evil about each other because it could be a word which causes the shedding of blood.”      


Overpowering the hypocrites and corrupt agents:

“Overpowering them during the journey to our goal equals blood and turmoil and changing the goal, and the experience of ISIS is the greatest proof for that. It is not allowed to talk about overpowering them at this moment, and not over a thousands years. The solution is marching towards the goal and crush everyone who is fighting against us. But beginning the fight against others with the understanding that they should obey us means spilling forbidden blood. And believe me they will be struck with rabies at a certain moment in time and they will fight against us, at that time we will have a legitimate argument to exterminate them.

We have the power to recruit against them and all their money is not able to prevent that, but we must abide by piety, the line of action and the legal methods (Sunnan). If we are defeated it is because we showed shortcomings not because they were victorious. We were the reason for the victory of the Sahawaat in Iraq and not the money of the US. We lost the right guidance and we were struck with vanity. We were not able to utter the (Prophets) words “Go, for you are free!” Rather we threatened, we killed, we pursued, like we are seeing clearly and completely with ISIS. Everyone who lived that period (of Iraq) knows that the reason for our defeat was the loss of piety and deviation from the line of action and the legal methods. The Quran teaches us to forgive. Revenge in itself is wrong, let alone excessive revenge. Building nations means removing the word revenge from the dictionary completely. The example of “Go, for you are free!” is what builds nations. Finally, we all live between usage or replacement, so let us look at what we will choose. And all praises are due to Allah.”   



An excerpt from the dialogue between Shaykh Abu Mahmud Al-Filistinee and Shaykh Abu Qatadah Al-Filistinee (Arabic Original).

Translated by Al-Maqalaat: https://telegram.me/Al_Maqalaat