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  China conservation & research middle for the massive panda conducts studies on panda ecology and populace dynamics. The business enterprise is responsible for synthetic breeding, genetics, sickness prevention, conservation training and launch of giant pandas from captivity.


The studies center additionally assists within the improvement of cooperation between other panda groups in china and abroad. Panda middle at the wolong nature reserve has been rebuilt and is now whole. Research showed the danger of rebuilding on the unique wolong panda middle and a more secure vicinity was decided on 23 km away in gengda metropolis within the wolong unique administration area. The middle remains in the large wolong nature reserve however divided into  sections. It's far a panda base integrating clinical studies, captive breeding and reintroduction into the wild. The vicinity in shengshuping is for captive breeding and in huangcaoping the attention is on reintroduction schooling.