5 Elegant Silver Earrings to go with Office Wear


It's 2022 and two years have passed since we had to stay at home. As offices try to restore normality by opening their doors to employees, the fashion police are back with their trends in what to wear to work. It has to look appropriate as you make an impression, choosing the right clothes, jewelry and accessories to get you back to the office is certainly a task. But with House of Paksha's chic office wear collection, shopping for earrings online is your ticket to looking the place on your way to work!


We've picked some of our best silver earrings to go with your office outfit -


1. Pearl Silver Statement Earrings


This design features bold freshwater pearls in a unique and interesting pattern that you won't want to take off at the end of the day. This piece is the definition of everyday fashion. These matte gold plated silver earrings can be styled with formal shirts and skirts as well as Indian office formals. Make a statement in your workplace with these delicate and desirable silver earrings.



2. Himavar Loka Silver Drop Earrings


Tribal silver jewelery is inspired by the rich tribal culture of India. This piece is dominated by unique motifs and designs, each created to make you and your outfit stand out. Himavat Loka silver earrings for girls are studded with semi-precious turquoise stones and have a cone shaped drop. The rustic feel exuded by this oxidized silver jewellery adds a touch of class to your ensemble. This piece inspires an edgy look in office wear and also makes an excellent gift for your office colleagues.



3. Alia Pearl Oval Drop Silver Earrings


Pearls discovered from the depths of the oceans have the potential to enchant and captivate anyone who looks at them. There is no piece of silver bangles and bracelets that are not elevated by the mere presence of pearls. Oval pearl earrings are an ode to beauty and beautiful relationships. Single white button pearls on each frame make it a classic pair of silver earrings. Your formal office looks just shot to the top with these delicate silver earrings.



4. Malvika Loka silver earrings 

Created especially for the Indian casual look, this simple yet elegant pair of earrings has carved a place in our hearts. The design is inspired by the rich tribal culture. Textured geometric motifs dominate the look and feel of this stunning silver Loko design. This gorgeous piece is finished in antique yellow gold for a rustic charm. Crafted with a subtle tribal rustic touch, this silver necklace sets are the office wear essential you need to get your hands on.



5. Argala Tribal Silver Earrings


There's something about rustic tribal silver earrings that just makes us smile with an infectious smile. The Argala Tribal Silver earrings come with the same infectious charm and sparkling design. It is made of highly polished, oxidized silver. The tiny metal balls in the center of the piece add playfulness to your piece and your outfit. This piece can be paired with Indian formals to elevate the look of your office in a subtle and simple way.



Timeless patterns created with timeless elements such as pearls and corals will complete your office look in a perfect way. Being back in the office can be fun and exciting with these silver earrings designed to make you feel confident and yourself in the office space.