TransWISH Indonesia announce the its Jakarta Office

TransWISH Indonesia announce its new Jakarta Office. The new office is needed to deliver better service to the customer as well as cater the company’s expansion. The new office lies next to previous office at the same strategic building.


Jakarta, Indonesia – Oct 31st 2017 – For Immediate Release

TransWISH Indonesia announces its new Jakarta office. The new office lies on the same strategic building that easily accessed by private or public transportation. The new office start operates on Friday, Oct 27th 2017.


The official new office address is


Wisma Pede Suite B 301

Jl. MT Haryono Kav 17

Jakarta 12810

Phone: (021) 8311 905/907


This new office has a ready to operate meeting/training room. This training room can accommodate small training class to a maximum of 6 (six) persons. This will increase the service to its clients. TransWISH Indonesia can conduct training for clients with small group or a public training session with minimum number of participants.


The building also lies in a strategic location. It can be accessed with Public or private transportation as follows:


  • Their client can use Public Transport like Transjakarta. The Transjakarta Bus stop is right in front of their new office’s building. Just stop at BKPM Transjakarta bus stop. Use the pedestrian sky bridge and walk through the gate.
  • If the participant chose to go by train/Commuter line, stop at the cawang station and walk approximately 10 minutes to Wisma Pede, where our new office’s building lies.
  •  If the clients drive a car, from Pancoran Statue landmark to Cawang, our new office is on your left side. The Gate is easily identified with Bank Mandiri logo as a tenant here.
  • If the clients ride a motorcycle to our new office, Go around the building and find the motorcycle parking there. This building has a private motorcycle parking in the back. Do’nt worry to get wet when it’s rain, they have parking lot with roof above it.
  • If clients use bus or mini carries (Mikrolet), just stop in front of Wisma Pede Building.
  • If clients use online transportation, just stop to the nearest place around the building.
  • In the near future, clients and participants can also come here by using the Light Rapid Transit (LRT) that currently built by the government.


This can ease our clients or training participants to come to their training program.

To celebrate its new office, TransWISH Indonesia also conduct promo training for selected training programs.


Full story and promo detail can be found here




About TransWISH Indonesia

TransWISH Indonesia is a division of PT. Transafe Dharma Persada which specializes in training for trainer sertifikasi BNSP, Soft Skill training and People Development Program. People Development Programs Included in the service is training of trainer, Leadership skill, management skill, professional skill, consulting, certification and team building (


For more information, please contact TransWISH Indonesia at:


TransWISH Indonesia

Wisma Pede 3rd Floor Suite B301

Jl. MT Haryono Kav 17


  1. +62 21 8311 905/907
  2. +62 21 831 2847




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