NC, ‘Back Support’ Ryu Jin-wook and Kim Young-gyu are Strong

NC 구창모, 일주일 뒤 기술 훈련… "90% 회복 진단"

NC, ‘back support’ Ryu Jin-wook and Kim Young-gyu are strong... I'm worried about the back door




46 holds in the regular season... WC's come-from-behind victory with 3 scoreless innings was the foundation for the recent shaky finish; Lee Yong-chan allowed 3 hits and 3 runs in the top of the 9th inning.


This season, the NC Dinos bullpen performed among the best in the league.


The NC bullpen recorded an ERA of 3.92 (3rd in the league) and combined for 88 holds (2nd in the league).


The succession runner's run rate is 32.49%, the second lowest among the 10 clubs. 온라인카지노


Among them, the combination of right-handed Ryu Jin-wook (27) and left-handed Kim Young-gyu (23) is powerful.


Ryu Jin-wook, who made his first-team debut late due to two elbow surgeries, recorded an ERA of 2.15 in 70 games, 67 innings, and 22 holds this season.


Kim Young-gyu, who joined the team in 2018, gradually improved his skills and achieved an ERA of 3.06 in 63 games, 61⅔ innings, and 24 holds this year.


NC is the only team to have two players in the top 5 in the hold category this season.


Kim Young-gyu tied for 3rd place, and Ryu Jin-wook tied for 5th place.


The hidden contributors to the wild card game against the Doosan Bears on the 19th were Ryu Jin-wook and Kim Young-gyu.


Of course, Seo Ho-cheol, who had 6 RBIs, including a grand slam, and Kim Hyeong-jun, who hit multiple home runs, stood out, but it was these two who held the Doosan batting line scoreless.


Kim Young-gyu took over the ball in the top of the 5th inning with 2 outs and 3rd base, allowing the score to be tied 5-5.


Kim Young-gyu gave up consecutive walks and was on the verge of a bases-loaded game with two outs, but he saved pinch hitter Park Joon-young by striking out a missed swing at the end of a full count game, escaping the crisis of a come-from-behind defeat.


Kim Young-gyu handed the mound to Ryu Jin-wook in the top of the 6th inning with 2 outs and runners on second base with a 6-5 lead.


Ryu Jin-wook put out the fire by throwing three fastballs approaching 150 km and grounding out Doosan Yang Eui-ji.


Kim Young-gyu and Ryu Jin-wook each achieved their first postseason victory and hold.


After the game, NC coach Kang In-kwon expressed his faith in the bullpen by explaining that he put in a winning team in the top of the 5th inning, saying, "I thought that if we reduced the number of runs allowed a little, we would score points on offense."


It is troubling that closer Lee Yong-chan, who played an active part in the team's sure-to-win team this season, has slowed down recently.


Lee Yong-chan secured victory 29 times out of 35 save opportunities this season, firmly locking the back door for NC.


However, he did not end well, allowing 6 hits and 5 runs (5 earned) in 2 innings in the last 3 games of the regular season.


Even in the wild card game, he took the mound in the 8th inning with 2 outs and 3 bases on base to preserve the victory, but allowed 3 hits and 3 runs (3 earned) in one inning in the 9th.


Coach Kang said, “He was the closing pitcher for one season, but I don’t think it would be a good idea to replace him (at this point),” adding, “I think we need to look at the game situation and consider whether to move forward or stay in the same position as now.”