Translation of the new video by Ansar Dine named; "Statement to the Islamic Ummah"..by Shaykh Iyad Ag Ghali
Translated by; @MaliWitness

Note; The translation is a summary of the most important points derived from the speech.....
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Minute 0:00-4-24

1- The video starts with Doctor Iyad Qunaibi an Islamic scholar from Jordan speaking about Mali’s history and its Islamic figures

2- Among those figures mentioned by Doctor Qunaibi is the leader of Jama’at Ansar Dine, praising him for his courage in applying the Islamic Sharia

3- A graphic showing verses from the Quran, Surah Hajj verse 39-41


Minute 4:25-11:20

1- He starts off by praising Allah swt. - and sending peace and blessings upon the Prophet (pbuh)

2- He sends his Salaam upon the Muslims, and asks Allah to bless them with victory over their enemies

3- The he speaks about the Azawad, and says what is occurring in Azawad (Nothern Mali) is nothing but a calamity and an exam, for Allah to separate the Good people from the evil ones, the truthful from the liers 

4- He mentions that Allah will humiliate the French and their allies like he humiliated America and her allies

5- Iyad then stresses on the propaganda against his Jamaa’ah (Group) and that he felt it was necessary to speak out in order to counter these deceivements and uncertainties surrounding his group Ansar Dine

6- Iyad then mentions that the media have deceived the people about Ansar Dine (and other groups) due to the media being controlled by the same enemies that are fighting us he says

7- He then goes on to clarify and refute the deceivements in point form; Firstly That Iyad Ag Ghali and his companions are in effort to establish the Islamic governance and law in their homeland and this is what irritated and angered the west, hence their blood spilling and aggression against the muslims in the region. 

8- And this is why Iyad and his companions are fighting, fulfilling the command of Allah derived from Surah Hajj, verse 39, that those that are transgressed upon have the right to fight.

9- Afterwards he mentions the consensus of the scholars that if an infidel army enters the muslim land it is to be fought, and mentions the fatwa written by the scholars of Mauretania pointing out the issue of Azawad and the french aggression

10- Secondly, Iyad Ag Ghali ensures that he and his companions will keep firm on their rights and duties on defending their land and their people and religion and that the war will be long and that Iyad and his companions will not compromise with regards to their sacrifices through their Martyrs and prisoners

11- And he assures their permissiveness in striking the enemy through ‘Suicide’ operations, rocket attacks and mines


Then appears a clip showing a rocket attack on the French Military….



Minute 11:20-14:30

1- Iyad Ag Ghaly then talks about France and its attempt to blackout the reality on the ground, despite this they have shown their signs of defeatism

2- The French have tried to withdraw while covering up their true faces and maintaining their reputation

3- They have replaced their forces with its puppets of the African continent, under the false pre tense of maintaning the peace


Then appears a clip from a news agency speaking about the possible numerous reasons France invaded Mali, mentioning the French exploitation of the resources of the country like Uranium


Minute 14:30-17:35

1- Then Iyad Ag Ghaly mentions point number 3, Iyad Ag Ghaly affirms to the Muslims that him and his companions will adhere and be firm upon their lofty goals

2- These goals being the ruling of Islamic Sharia based upon the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) on all of our land

3- The struggle against the French Crusaders and the repelling of their aggression upon the Muslims

4- The struggle to prevent their exploitation of the Muslim wealth like seen in those countries (in the Islamic Maghreb) that lacks Islam


Then appears a clip from a news agency where Francis Hollande is explaining and speaking about some of the co-operation between the French and the Mauretanian government, the Morrocan, the Algerian ect.



Minute 17:35-22:00

1- Then Iyad Ag Ghali warns the Muslims not to be fooled by the Enemy and dragged into dangerous positions, and to question this occupation and its intentions

2- Afterwards Iyad Ag Ghali calls on all the muslims to join 1 rank and to unite under the fight against the Crusaders

3- The Iyad mentions a verse from the Quran stating that the Muslims are brothers, then mentioning a hadith from the Prophet (pbuh) saying that the Believer/Muslim is with another Muslim like the bricks of a bulding, each strengthens the other - hence stressing on the unity among the Muslims 

4- Then Iyad calls on all the Muslims to observe the Islamic principle, Al-Wala Wal Bara, loyalty to muslims and Islam enmity to Disbelievers and infidelity 

5- Afterwards Iyad Ag Ghaly mentions a verse from the Quran mentioning that the Believers/Muslims are allies to Allah and his messenger, those who observe prayer, pay Zakat and prostrate to Allah

6-  And then mentioning a verse from the Quran that says that those who believe in Allah and the last day will not have love and affection for those who oppose Allah and his messengers, EVEN if they were their fathers, their sons and their brothers

7- Then mentioning another verse, where Allah says to the Believers not to take the Jews and the Christians as allies, and whoever takes them as Allies, he is one of them…

8- Iyad then calls on the Muslims to hold on to the rope of Allah, to not divert from each other and cause disunity

9- Then Iyad calls on the Muslims to be patient on their path, as Allah has promised them victory if they keep firm on their path, mentioning verses from the Quran where Allah promises that his army are those of victory and overcoming

10- Then Iyad mentions that Allah will give victory to this religion, and the enemies of Islam and those people of Disbelief will be defeated


Minute 22:00-24:00

1- In conclusion Iyad Ag Ghali sends greetings and blessings to the Mujahideen in all of Sahara, Nigera and in Somalia and the Central African Republic, Maghreb, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Caucasus Emirate, Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, Iraq and Sham;

2- He asks Allah to give them and the other fighters around the world a strong victory and sends glad tidings upon their struggle

3- And he asks Allah to bless their struggle and to give them in the end, the goal that is the Khilafah/Caliphate upon the Methodology of prophecy

4- And at the end he makes Du’a/Supplication, asks Allah to make them firm and to crush their enemies and praises Allah at the end and sends blessings upon the Prophet and greets his peace upon the viewers.


In the end of the video it is shown that the video is made by the Media Section of the group, Ansar Dine