Why Is Lower Back Pain Treatment Necessary?


Pain in the lower back usually affects people between the age group of 30 to 50. However, if the pain lasts for a couple of weeks, you should definitely seek some lower back pain treatment regardless of your age. Read on to know more about back pain.

Pain in the lower back occurs to most of us at some point in life or the other. In cases of acute lower back pain, it is expected to go away within a few weeks, but chronic cases last for longer than a period of three months and need a proper lower back pain treatment. Pain in the lower back however is mostly caused by injuries such as lifting of heavy objects with poor body mechanics, sudden sprain, poor sleeping postures etc. It is usually associated with ageing and occurs mostly in people between the age group of 30 to 50. Ageing experiences in the fluid content reduction between the spine and the vertebrae resulting in pain in the lower back. Hence, it is always recommended to use proper body mechanics and strengthening back muscles often.

Let’s look at some of the major causes of chronic lower back pain -

  • Disc Injury - As we age, the discs in the back become more prone to injuries and often cause the outside of the disc to herniate or tear. A rupture in the disc occurs when the nerve roots or the spinal cord is pushed by the cartilage that surrounds the disc making the cushion sitting between the spinal vertebrae to enlarge from its normal state. This injury has to be given the best treatment for back pain and proper rest.

  • Strain on the muscle or Ligament – Activities like perpetual lifting of heavy objects without a break, sitting in an uncomfortable position or on object that affects your lower back area or an abrupt movement can put immense strain on the muscle resulting in chronic back problems.

  • Diseases – There are many health conditions that contribute to chronic back problems such as cancer of the spinal cord, infections in the kidney, sciatica (it is the condition where a herniated disc pushes against the sciatic nerve which connects the legs with the spine often resulting in pain in legs as well), Osteoarthritis, spondylitis etc. You may also be required to seek advanced physical therapy in cases of prolonged lower back pain.

  • Pregnancy – Back pain during pregnancy is something that a majority of women go through. Pregnancy causes the ligaments in a body to become softer and often stretch to prepare the body for labour which takes a massive toll on the lower back joints and pelvis.

Here are a few lifestyle changes that can keep back pain at bay -

  • Exercise Regularly – To maintain a healthy life free of diseases, it is important to exercise regularly. And when you exercise regularly, you are keeping your muscles flexible and fit.

  • Quit Smoking – Not many of you are aware of the fact that the consumption of smoke limits the circulation of blood that contains nutrients to the spinal discs. Hence, people who smoke are more likely to suffer from back pain.

  • Watch out for wrong sleeping positions – Sleeping positions play an important role in contributing to back pain. If you are already suffering from an acute back pain, ask your doctor about a few comfortable sleeping techniques using pillows or different positions before it leads to something serious.

  • Be careful of how you lift stuff – Do not bend your waist abruptly to lift something or pick something up. Instead, bend your knees to a squatting position and then pick it. This way you will save your back from unnecessary back pain or aggravating if you already are suffering.

In case your pain is still persistent, you should definitely seek immediate medical attention without any delay. Treatment for such pain has become advanced and accessible which is a great relief.

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