Lotte's New Coach Kim Tae-hyung

김태형 롯데 신임 감독 "당연히 목표는 우승"

Lotte's new coach Taehyung Kim "I feel a sense of responsibility... Of course, the goal is to win."




Lotte, which has not won a championship for a long time, hires coach Kim Tae-hyung, a matchmaker.


“I watched baseball from the coach’s perspective while providing commentary.”


“Of course the goal is to win.” 온라인카지노사이트


Kim Tae-hyung (56), the new manager of the Lotte Giants, knew well what the club and fans wanted.


With his unique and refreshing personality, he raised the topic of 'winning' that Lotte desperately wants.


Coach Kim Tae-hyung said on the 20th after being appointed as the new head coach of professional baseball Lotte, "I know what the Lotte team and fans want.


Every coach's goal is to win, and of course my goal as Lotte coach is to win." said.


Now it is time to pave the way to victory.


Coach Kim said, "It is difficult to tell right now how we will form a team and win.


I will quickly join the team and get to know the Lotte Giants players.


Through final training and spring camp, we will make a detailed plan for the 2024 season and move toward our goal."


“It is,” he said.


On this day, Lotte said, “We have appointed the 21st coach Kim Tae-hyung,” and “he signed a three-year contract worth a total of 2.4 billion won (down payment of 600 million won, annual salary of 600 million won).”


Lotte, a representative popular team in the KBO League and an original member of the Korean Professional Baseball League in 1982, had not reached the top for 31 years until this year after winning the Korean Series in 1992.


Excluding the Kiwoom Heroes, which were re-established by acquiring the Hyundai Unicorns in 2008, they are the team that has not won the Korean Series for the longest time.


The last time he appeared on the postseason stage was in 2017.


Although he was leading at the beginning of this season, he continued to fall and finished the regular season in 7th place.


Coach Kim Tae-hyung advanced to the Korean Series seven times over eight seasons from 2015 to 2022 during his tenure at Doosan and led the team to three wins (2015, 2016, and 2019).


Advancement to the Korean Series for 7 consecutive seasons (2015-2021) is the longest record in the KBO League achieved only by coach Kim Tae-hyung.


The club that is most thirsty for the championship has entrusted the baton to coach Kim Tae-hyung, a ‘winner.’


Coach Kim said, "The Lotte Giants are a very symbolic team in Korean baseball.


I am well aware of the weight of the position of Lotte's manager. I will repay the Lotte Group and club that gave me the opportunity, as well as the fans who supported me, with 'results'." He said.


Coach Kim Tae-hyung, who bid farewell to Doosan after the end of the 2022 season, worked as a commentator for SBS Sports this season.


Manager Kim said, "While commentating, I watched the game from the 'coach's perspective'.


I really learned a lot during the one year of commentary.


Seeing this season's baseball from a different perspective will be of great help even after I return to the field," he said, leaving the dugout.


He described the empty season as ‘time to fill up.’


Lotte, the most popular team in the KBO League, met with charismatic Coach Kim Tae-hyung.


The appointment of Lotte coach was the biggest topic in Korean professional baseball after the end of the 2023 regular season.


With the appointment of coach Kim Tae-hyung, Lotte has become a team that attracts more attention in the 2024 season.