Figure Skater Lim Joo-heon Wins Junior Grand Prix

피겨 임주헌, 주니어 GP 남자 싱글 은메달…데뷔전서 선전

Figure Skater Lim Joo-heon Wins Junior Grand Prix Men's Single Silver Medal... Debut Performance



Hwang Jeong-yul, born in 2010, ranked 5th in women’s singles…


Korean figure skating medal challenge on the 16th , marching to medals in the 1st to 4th Junior GP competitions... Is it golden age?

Another promising figure skating star has appeared. 바카라사이트


Men's singles prospect Lim Joo-heon (Suri High School) won a silver medal at the 4th competition of the 2023 International Skating Union (ISU) Figure Skating Junior Grand Prix.


Lim Joo-heon received a technical score (TES) of 70.40 points, artistic score (PCS) of 72.17 points, and a total score of 142.57 points in the men's single free skating held in Osaka, Japan on the 15th.


He ranked second after François Pitot (219.86 points, France) with a final total score of 217.86 points, including the short program score of 75.38 points.


This is Lim Joo-heon's first time participating in an international competition hosted by the ISU.


He performed better than expected on his debut stage.


Lim Joo-heon successfully performed his first task, the triple Axel-triple toe loop combination jump.


He landed slightly shakily, so he received no points for execution (GOE), but no points were deducted.


He then performed the triple Axel cleanly, and even jumped cleanly in the triple lutz-double axel-double axel sequence jump.


The flying change foot combination spin was treated as level 4.


A mistake was made in the last jump task of the first half.


a triple Lutz.


Afterwards, his acting was somewhat disappointing.


Perhaps due to physical strength issues, the triple loop resulted in a quarter landing (when the rotation of the jump was less than 90 degrees), and the triple salchow was under rotated (when the rotation of the jump was less than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees).


The decision has been made.


After completing all the jumping tasks, Lim Joo-heon finished his performance with a change foot combination spin (level 4), a change foot sit spin (level 3), and a coreo sequence.


Jae-Geun Lee (Suri High School), who also competed, ranked 6th with a final total score of 193.43 points.


Korea is sweeping medals at every Junior Grand Prix competition this season.


In addition to the strong performance in women's singles, men's singles and ice dance are also showing better-than-expected results.

In Korea, Kim Yu-sung (silver medal, Pyeongchon Middle School), Han Hee-soo (bronze medal, Seonil Girls' Middle School)


Ice dance team Ji-ni Kim and Lee Na-mu (Gyeonggi Provincial Ice Skating Federation, bronze medal) won the women's singles prize in the first round of the Junior Grand Prix, and in the second competition, the men's singles team won.


Kim Hyeon-gyeom (Han Gwang-go) won the silver medal, women's singles Shin Ji-ah (Yeongdong Middle School) won the gold medal, and Kwon Min-sol (Mokdong Middle School) won the bronze medal.


In the third competition, Seo Min-gyu (Gyeongshin Middle School) won the men's singles championship, and Kim Yu-jae (Pyeongchon Middle School) won the bronze medal.


Korea expects to win additional medals in this competition as well.


In the women's single short program held earlier that day, promising star Hwang Jeong-yul (Sangmyeong Middle School), born in 2010, ranked 5th with TES of 34.97 points, PCS of 26.12 points, and total score of 61.09 points.


She is 1.70 points behind third-place Kushi Daikura (62.79 points, Japan), and depending on her performance in the free skating on the 16th, she could be in line for a medal.


First place went to Japan's Mao Shimada (73.78 points), who won both the Junior World Championships and the Junior Grand Prix Final last season.


Han Hee-soo, who also competed, ranked 15th with 51.07 points.