Legend of the Phoenix Download

Legend of the Phoenix Download


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Legend of the Phoenix (Chinese: 凤弈) is a 2019 Chinese verifiable rom-com TV series featuring He Hongshan, Jeremy Tsui, Cao Xiwen and Wayne Lai.[1] Produced by Shanghai Tencent Penguin Film Culture Communication Co., Ltd and Shanghai Drama

Apple Limited, it appeared on Tencent Video and myVideo on May 28, 2019. The series followed the romantic tale between Ye Ningzhi, a voyaging craftsman, and General Wei Guang during the Great Liang in old China.
He Hongshan as Ye Ningzhi, a voyaging craftsman who turns into a servant later, she cherishes Wei Guang.
Jeremy Tsui as Wei Guang, an overall in the Great Liang.
Cao Xiwen as Zheng Shujun, Empress of the Great Liang.
Wayne Lai as Lang Kun, serve.
Extraordinary Liang, a craftsman named Ye Ningzhi performed at a meal before the Empress Dowager. Be that as it may, she was blamed for treachery by Pang Zhen, the Princess.
Fortunately, Ningzhi was saved by a general named Wei Guang, who later turned into her darling. After two years, Ningzhi enters the castle and turns into the royal residence house cleaner of the Empress. She saw the battles of the castle and legislative issues, and with her brains and abilities endures the round of force.


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