Lee Woo-sung Pinch Hit Home Run

이우성 대타 투런포' 기아 타이거즈,, 삼성에 6-5 짜릿한 역전승 < 스포츠 < 뉴스 < 기사본문 - 남도일보


Lee Woo-sung Pinch Hit Home Run... KIA Wins Against Samsung and Recovers 50% Win Rate


The KIA Tigers won a thrilling come-from-behind victory and recovered a win rate of 50% (48 wins, 48 ​​losses, 2 draws).


KIA defeated the Samsung Lions 6-5 in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League visiting game held at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on the 19th.


KIA overturned the game by scoring 5 points in the top of the 7th inning, which was trailing 1-5.


KIA made up for one point with Socrates Brito's superior double and Kim Seon-bin's infield grounder, and Lee Chang-jin's grounder in front of the shortstop from 1st out and 3rd base. 카지노사이트


At this time, Samsung shortstop Kim Dong-jin committed a mistake by throwing to first base, and Lee Chang-jin also survived at first base.


KIA coach Kim Jong-guk put forward left-handed pinch hitter Ko Jong-wook in Kim Tae-goon's at-bat, but when Samsung replaced the pitcher with left-handed Lee Jae-ik, right-handed hitter Lee Woo-seong again at bat.


In the KBO League, a changed pitcher must deal with at least one hitter, but a pinch hitter can be replaced again even if he is not at bat.


Lee Woo-sung hit Lee Jae-ik's two-seam fastball and fired a two-run gun that went over the left wall.


It was KIA's 4,500th home run in club history (2nd in KBO history).


KIA continued the opportunity with Kim Do-young's mid-month triple, and then Park Chan-ho's heavy hit at the right time tied the score at 5-5.


Park Chan-ho, who ran to third base when the next hitter Choi Won-joon hit to the right, hit home with Na Seong-beom's center fielder's sacrifice fly.


It was the moment when KIA turned 6-5.


Choi Ji-min (no hits, no runs in 1 inning) and Ki-Young Lim (no hits, no runs in 2 innings) perfectly covered the remaining 3 innings, and KIA won a valuable victory.


KIA starter Mario Sanchez struggled, giving up 8 hits and allowing 5 runs in 6 innings after being criticized for his pitching double movement, but with the help of the team’s batting line, he won his 3rd win (2nd loss) of the season.


On the other hand, Samsung starter Choi Chae-heung failed to achieve his first win of the season despite throwing well with 6 hits and 2 runs in 6 innings.


On this day, Samsung took the lead with Ja-wook Koo's personal first full base at the end of the 3rd inning when the score was 0-0.


However, they suffered a painful come-from-behind defeat in the 7th inning when they lost a lot of runs.