'Lee Kang-in Dilemma' and Hwang Seon-hong

5년 전 손흥민처럼…'지각 합류' 이강인, 황선홍호 '반전 카드' 될까 : 네이트 스포츠

'Lee Kang-in Dilemma' and Hwang Seon-hong... 5 Years Ago, Son Heung-min Also ‘Joined Late + Won’



Hwang Seon-hong-ho plays Kuwait in the first round of the Asian Games group stage on the 19th.


It is literally ‘Lee Kang-in’s dilemma’.


Hwang Seon-hong, who is trying to win his third consecutive men's soccer title at the Hangzhou Asian Games, is struggling because he has not been able to complete 'complete training' even five days before the first match of the group stage. 카지노사이트위키


Sun-Hong Hwang, who began his final training at the Paju National Team Training Center (NFC) on the 13th ahead of the Hangzhou Asian Games, will depart for China on the 16th.


In this tournament, Hwang Seon-hong is scheduled to face Kuwait on the 19th, Thailand on the 21st, and Bahrain on the 24th in Group E.


However, in a situation where he needs to focus on last-minute tactical training, Hwang Seon-Hong continues to ‘fool around’ because Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain, PSG), who is considered a key offensive resource, did not join.


PSG is not informing the exact timing of Lee Kang-in's selection, which is causing concern to coach Hwang Seon-hong.


It is good news for Hwang Seon-hong that Lee Kang-in, who recently recovered from his thigh injury, has joined his team's training and is working on improving his physical condition in earnest.


However, PSG has not notified him when he will join the national team, so they are continuing to offer 'hopeful torture'.


Coach Hwang Seon-hong said, “I hope Lee Kang-in can play at least one or two group stage games,” and in fact, his hopes of playing in the first game against Kuwait on the 19th seem to have been given up.


Watching Lee Kang-in's 'late joining', soccer fans cannot help but think of the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang.


Coach Kim Hak-beom, who led the Asian Games national team at the time, selected Son Heung-min (Tottenham), Hwang Ui-jo (Norwich City, then Gamba Osaka), and Cho Hyun-woo (Ulsan, then Daegu) as wild cards.


However, Coach Kim also had to struggle with the timing of Son Heung-min's joining.


Kim Hak-beom arrived in Indonesia in the early morning of August 12, 2018 and immediately prepared for his first training, but Son Heung-min failed to join.


After playing in the opening match of the English Professional Football Premier League (EPL) on the 11th, Son Heung-min had a difficult schedule, leaving England via Singapore and arriving in Indonesia on the 13th.


In the end, in order to protect the player, Coach Kim placed Son Heung-min on the bench and did not let him play in the first group stage match against Bahrain on August 15, 2018.


Three days later, Son Heung-min played against Malaysia, but Korea faced a crisis by losing 1-2.


However, Son Heung-min scored the winning goal in the third group match against Kyrgyzstan and advanced to the round of 16.


Afterwards, Kim Hak-beom, who continued his victorious streak, raised the fanfare of his second consecutive victory in men's soccer at the Asian Games.


Looking back five years ago, Hwang Seon-Hong may also face a situation where he has to endure the first and second group stage games in the absence of a 'key striker'.


Currently, Hwang Seon-Hong-ho has strikers with extensive game experience, including Woo-young Jeong (Stuttgart) and Young-wook Cho (Gimcheon).


In addition, second-line offensive resources such as European side Hong Hyun-seok (Gent), Song Min-gyu (Jeonbuk) and Eom Won-sang (Ulsan), who are active on the K-League stage, are also holding out.


As Lee Kang-in joins, the offensive resources will be at the peak, so the main task for Hwang Seon-hong, who is trying to win the tournament for the third time in a row, is to win the first and second group matches and confirm advancement to the round of 16 early.