Which is the Best? Laravel Vs CakePHP?


PHP is the most preferred platform for web developers whenever we talk about creating dynamic websites. FutureProfilez is one of the most renowned CakePHP Development company in India Uses PHP frameworks, who gives us all the room to have cost-effective websites that come with an amazing user interface. And in this post, we shall figure out which is the better pick between Laravel and Cake PHP for web and app development.


LARAVEL FRAMEWORK is a PHP web framework which comes with the model view controller or MVC and architectural pattern. It includes the feature of accessing relational database and utilities that are helpful in the development of the application and maintaining it.


It is another PHP framework which utilizes different software design patterns along with popular software engineering concepts that make web development much more rewarding.

  • Better Object Relational Mapping

 Laravel comes with ORM which adds on to make the task simpler. And CakePHP comes with an amazing ORM which makes it very comfortable to build queries.

  • Robust Plugins

Out of the two choices, Robust comes with much more robust plugins. This makes it very easier for the codes to be copied. This, in turn, helps in keeping the app folder clean and clear as codes can be comfortably reused.

  • Ease of Usage

CakePHP always ranks higher than Laravel framework when we talk about ease of usage. It gives a free environment to the developer to show his creativity and comes with easy readability.

  • Healthier Support

While using CakePHP, you can expect better support from peers. This is because this framework has been in the market before Laravel came and therefore, it has a wider community. But still, CakePHP is far better than laravel.

  • More Flexibility

CakePHP is far more flexible than Laravel. It also comes with stronger reverse routing. The developers can do in a very simple way to adjust the URL structure at one place. This saves their time and efforts as they don’t have to keep calling for changes.


These are some of the differences between the two which suggest that CakePHP is a better choice. So if you are hiring Cake PHP developers in India, FutureProfilez is the best development company in India, get more clarity on their differences to have a better understanding.