Kamil Beylant and his buddies defend pedophilia as “human nature” while railing against our society that they claim just “doesn’t not understand us”. Apparently our culture is at fault for stigmatizing pedophilia and refusing to acknowledge that “most people have deep-seeded feelings for pedophilia and lust for children”. Critics of the so-called “non offending pedophile” movement rightly and staunchly resist any attempt at “normalizing” pedophilia. Even if a pedophile never touches a child, the act of exchanging child pornography is infinitely damaging to children. Essentially, critics of websites like boychat.org which promote the idea of a “non offending” pedophile have a hard time believing that pedophiles can find the restraint not to touch children, but ALSO never to view child porn.


These days, pedophiles are scrambling to find a new online home as their havens are shut down one by one. Most have migrated to boychat.org to express their grief and anxiety over the seizure of other child pornography websites, as well as the arrests of some of the highest ranking leaders of one of the largest pedophile forums on the internet.  Kamil Beylant (aka @securityconcern on Twitter) is one of the leaders of boychat.org, a website dedicated to “non offending pedophiles”. When he is not found harassing, reporting and doxing pedophile hunters on Twitter, Kamil spends the majority of his time attempting to normalize and justify pedophilia. On November 4th, 2016, he wrote, “It would be too unbalanced if we only ever talked about criminal pedophiles and never about lawful, clean living ones.” Meanwhile, the mere notion of “non offending pedophiles” is not only an oxymoron, but a phrase that was invented for the sole purpose of creating a legal platform where pedophiles can continue to promote, exchange, and distribute child pornography. Websites like boychat.org allow pedophiles to exchange their contact information so they can trade child pornography on other private channels (private email, telegram, the deep web, kik, etc).  To claim that these people are “non offending” is a farce, as evidenced by the fact that many of their members are now in jail for engaging in criminal pedophile behavior, as shown here: 






  • The majority of people who post on boychat.org defy all logic and reason in order to justify their sexual appetites. They are nothing at all like the chaste innocents they claim to be when they post on boychat.org. See what an ex-member has to say about boychat.org: https://imgur.com/a/I2S50


  • Some of boychat.org users will not hesitate to dox, harass, or defame anyone trying to help fight against child pornography on the Internet. They have even doxed a minor named Dayna (Twitter username @allmysoul) who tirelessly works with the Anonymous movement to get rid of vile child pornography online.  If boychat.org members were truly “non offending pedophiles”, why would they try to hurt activists who are volunteering their time to fight offending pedophiles who promote child pornography?


  • Some members of boychat.org will harass victims of pedophilia on Twitter and deny that they were ever victims, unless they identity their names and addresses for the purpose of “journalism”. See proof here: https://imgur.com/a/oIr7B   This is done in an attempt to invite the victims to dox themselves in order to further harass and intimidate them later, as shown here: https://imgur.com/a/tD1CP


  • Members of boychat.org believe their own BS, but face it – most of them love the thought of having sex with children more than anything else. These members became agile enough in their nonsensical rants to convince themselves that anything they do to children is out of “love for them”. The reality is that they are only interested in “satisfying their own perverse desires without a care in the world for anybody but themselves.” Most “non offending” pedophiles on boychat.org aren’t operating from the same frame of reference as the rest of us. According to them, it’s not really “abuse” if the child experiences sexual pleasure or arousal. It’s not “molestation” if it’s gentle or if the child agreed to it. It’s not “recidivism” or “pedophilia” if he seduces your 16-year-old daughter. Here are the words of a pedophile on boychat.org who justifies “consensual Boylove”: “There have been times when I noticed that someone below the legal age is interested in me… I wish these pure relationships could be made possible. I really love the idea of a place like this, where people who share that vision of true purity can remind each other there is nothing wrong with believing in consensual Boylove”. Proof: https://imgur.com/a/QmE96



These self proclaimed “non offending pedophiles” lose great credibility when they act like predators with activists fighting criminal pedophiles who actively promote and sell extreme child porn online.  The bottom line is this: If you want to be taken seriously with your “non offending pedophile” theory, start by respecting victims of pedophilia instead of denying they were ever abused and start respecting the work of volunteers who fight everything you pretend to be against.



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