In the Opening Goal of Mbappe, Who was Replaced with Lee Kang-in

이강인과 교체 투입된 음바페 선제골에도…PSG, 툴루즈와 1-1 | KBS 뉴스

In the Opening Goal of Mbappe, Who was Replaced with Lee Kang-in.. PSG 1-1 With Toulouse


2 matches in a row after opening... Lee Kang-in digested 51 minutes as a side striker


Paris Saint-Germain (PSG, France), where Lee Kang-in, the “future of Korean football”, played 51 minutes, failed to score a victory in the second regular league game of the new season. 카지노사이트


PSG drew 1-1 in the 2023-2024 season French professional football league 1 round 2 away match against Toulouse held at Stadium de Toulouse in France on the morning of the 20th (Korean time).


PSG, who drew without a goal in the opening match with Lorient, failed to win the second match, disregarding the modifier 'France's strongest'.


After the match against Lorient, Lee Kang-in, who started the match, played the ground until the 6th minute of the second half, but could not write an attack point.


With the departure of Neymar (Al-Hilal), who was the core of the second line, and the return of striker Kylian Mbafe, there were many predictions that Lee Kang-in would play as a midfielder in the future as there were major changes in the attacking line.


However, Lee Kang-in, who played as a side striker on this day as well, changed places with Vitinya, who played on the opposite side, and ran diligently across the front, but did not create any significant scoring opportunities.


Rather, in the extra time of the first half, when the opposing goalkeeper blocked Gonsalou Hamus' shot in front of the goal, he rushed to shoot again, but put his foot deep and received the first warning on the French stage.


Even though they secured more than 70% of the ball possession, they rarely had a chance to shoot, so coach Luis Enrique removed Lee Kang-in and put in Mbappe in the 6th minute of the second half.


Mbafe, whose contract period is until the summer of 2024, recently confronted PSG by rejecting a one-year contract extension offer, but as soon as he wore the PSG uniform again, he reported a return to scoring on the ground.


Eight minutes after being substituted, Mbappe quickly advanced to Toulouse's penalty box with his unique acceleration and earned a penalty kick by drawing a foul from opposing defender Rasmus Nicolaisen.


Mbappe, who started as a direct kicker, seemed to lead the team to victory by scoring points during the season.


However, in the 40th minute of the second half, Ashraf Hakimi roughly knocked over Zakaria Abuhalal during a contest in a corner kick situation, which was caught by the referee, and PSG awarded a penalty kick as well.


Abuhalal took the kicker and scored the equalizer, saving the team from defeat.