Identity V cheats unlimited Echoes android iphone

Identity V cheats unlimited Echoes android iphone


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first-ever asymmetrical horror game made for Android and iOS. It’s a multiplayer game between five real human players, of which four are survivors and one player is the hunter who’s after survivors. The controls are standard for a mobile 3D game and very easy to learn, and they include multiple screen buttons on the right side, and movements are done on the left side of the screen.

Taking the role of a survivor, the goal is to look for and tinker with decoding machines on the level. Once the goal is reached, this enables survivors to open the map’s gates and escape from the hunter. As a hunter, the goal is to prevent the survivors from escaping. Even though hunters are not fast like the survivors, they have a big weapon to attack them. In addition to that, there are numerous characters to select and they can be customized to your liking.

When starting the game for the first time, there is an awesome tutorial to help the new players learn more about the game so that anyone can learn how to play in a couple of minutes. Additionally, there is an interesting storyline in which you play a private detective who lost his memory and is trying to recollect what happened. The graphic quality is solid, and the animations are very smooth.

The game can be played even on low-end devices since its requirements are standard for a 3D game. Although Identity V is influenced by Dead By Daylight, there is no gore in this game and it’s suitable for younger players. Generally, this game is considered horror but it’s more fun than scary.


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