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The US intelligence (CIA) and the Pakistani intelligence (ISI) and the intelligence services of Afghanistan, and the organization of ISIS, all in the same trench against the Mujahideen of Taliban.


By: Abu Yaqub Al-Waziristani


Abdul Hadi Al-Emirati is the second leading man in the formation ISIS in Afghanistan, according to information with documented sources, Al-Emirati gets support from the US intelligence through family members of Naeem Koshi. And the Americans were funding him to mobilize him against the Taliban. And the Afghan intelligence still have relations with Al-Emirati, through the director of the department of Khawaji, and sent money to him twice.


It is said that the interior minister of Afghanistan Hanif Atmar and the head of the central intelligence Rahmatullah Nabil appointed the governor of the Logar province, Halim Fidai, and the director of the intelligence service in the province of Logar, Atiyyatullah, and the director of the department of Khawaji, Abdulhamid, to support Al-Emirati and back him with money and weapons, and then incite him to fight against the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban).    


And the war against the Taliban in the Nangarhar province (led by ISIS) is managed by Al-Hajj, and Juban Muhammad, and Malik Niyaz, and commander Bukhtiyar, and all of them are known to have relations with the Pakistani intelligence agency (ISI).


Al-Hajj Umar is known as Malik Umar, the son of Al-Hajj Khayr Muhammad, the cousin of the perished Al-Hajj Zaman. He led the US war in Tora Bora against the Arab Mujahideen, including the Martyred Shaykh Usama ibn Laden, may Allah have mercy with him. And he perished a couple of years ago in a martyrdom operations. So is it clear as the sun at midday that the family of Al-Hajj Zaman and Khayr Muhammad have close links with the Pakistani intelligence (ISI).  


And Jaban Muhammad is also from the close relatives of Al-Hajj Zaman. And Al-Hajj Umar and Jaban Muhammad were even untill now the leaders of the apostate Sahawaat. And they worked in the Afghan intelligence service. And when Al-Adnani declared the province of Khorasan, the Sahawaat led by these two leaders raised the flag of ISIS and joined the branch of ISIS in Khorasan, and chose to stand with them against the Mujahideen of the Taliban.  


Hafiz Saeed Khan, who was appointed by Al-Baghdadi as a ruler of the province of Khorasan, has strong and long-standing ties with the Pakistani intelligence (ISI). And he was one of the opponents of the Mujahideen of Al-Qaedah, and he expelled several Mujahideen of Al-Qaedah in the region of Orakzai, among them the former military administrator of Al-Qaedah in Khorasan, the Martyred Shaykh Shakirullah. He executed a martyrdom operation on the American soldiers in the Paktika province. And Shaykh Abu Baseer Al-Filistini who passed away a couple of months ago in a drone attack in North Waziristan.


Shaykh Maqbool who is known in the media by Shahidullah Shahid, who was the official spokesperson for the Taliban movement in Pakistan (TTP). He is not a Shaykh and did not acquire knowledge, rather he was a soldiers in one of the Gulf countries and he learned Arabic there.


And according to information with a documented source the Pakistani Taliban movement accused them (Hafiz Saeed Khan and Shahidullah Shahid) of involvement in the killing of the leader Hakimullah Mehsud and Shaykh Waliyu Rahman Meshud. Because one of the wives of Hakimullah was from the Orakzai region and from a family linked to them, so through her they receive information about his personal life.  


And it is said that they were the first ones who started to tear the unity apart of the Pakistani Taliban movement, and broke them up on the orders of ISI. Then they went and declared their Bayah and loyalty to the organization of Al-Baghdadi.


While the organization of ISIS claims and brags about fighting all the tyrants, they have yet not executed any operation worth mentioning against the government of Pakistan. Furthermore, they helped it enter Afghanistan to fight the Mujahideen of the Taliban and to hit them in the loins.    


Likewise the apostate Afghan government was bloating ISIS and promoted them in the Media, and some Afghan political analysts said that the Afghan and Pakistani and US intelligence, all of them seek to prepare the ground for the growth of the organization of ISIS. And this is testified by the reality, the Arbaki militias raised the flag of ISIS in many places (Note: Arbaki militias were US-backed Pashtun tribes who fought against the Taliban in the coalition war in Afghanistan). And when the Islamic Emirate pulled out of some districts in the Nangarhar province, to preserve the blood of the Mujahideen, the gang of Al-Baghdadi advanced with the help of Pakistani Arbaki militias, and the apostate Afghan government did not conduct any operation against them.  


Information was obtained about the Nuristan province, that Mawlawi Shafiullah, a member of the High Peace Council in Afghanistan (HPC), is pushing some tribal elders to the Afghan intelligence office, and here they are incited to join ISIS and to take up arms against the Taliban.  


And the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate have arrested three of these people who were motivated by Shafiullah, a member from the High Peace Council, and they were hired by the Afghan intelligence to raise the flag of ISIS. But the Mujahideen released them at the request of some tribal leaders, after a covenant was taken from them that they would not cause problems for the Mujahideen.


The ISIS organization in Nangarhar has announced that elements of the Afghan army, police and security demobilized and eased up in the area after it was seized by the organization, and that the people of the region were to participate in the funeral prayers of government elements who were killed in the fight against the Taliban.


Does anyone, after the above mentioned facts, doubt that the CIA and the ISI and the Afghan intelligence and the organization of ISIS are in one and the same trench against the Mujahideen of the Taliban?


Disclaimer: A couple of days ago the spokesperson of the Baghdadi gang came out and accused the Taliban of charges which are fabricated against them by the enemies of Allah, the Crusaders. Saying that the Taliban are agents and allies of the Pakistani intelligence, and accused the Islamic Emirate with the same slanders the media of disbelief is spreading. Although appearing and speaking on Western television media broadcasts is forbidding by ISIS, and sometimes it even reaches the level of disbelieve and apostasy. Despite that their main leader in Khorasaan, Abdu Rahmaan Muslim Dost, appeared in a telephone interview with the BBC broadcast in the Pashtu language, and he said that they were fighting against the Taliban because they are agents of the Pakistani intelligence. So I wrote this article to defend the Mujahideen of the Taliban, and for the believers to know who the real agents are backed by the intelligence of the tyrants.  


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Translated by: DMIS



Original Arabic: http://justpaste.it/Tliban_ISIS