Top 10 Scariest Films to watch on Halloween Day

Halloween is coming so we thought that it would be nice to give a little nod to these lesser known monsters that went of the big screen. Most of the time people only remember Dracula or the Wolfman, but there are others that offer just as if not more of a fright.

So get your Halloween costumes on because we are going to be listing a few of the scariest movie monsters that you might not have heard of before.

  • Little Monsters From Clover felid:

We can all agree that when that subway scene comes in Clover Field (2008), we did not want to be there with the main cast. As scary as the enormous titanic Clover Field monster was these little guys were just a no, no. They have the bodies of insects, have huge jaws, can walk on almost all surfaces, super-fast and are poisonous. No thank you, if Halloween weren't coming we wouldn't be talking about this.  

They would work as a good prank for Halloween though if I could find the proper model of them.

Oh yeah one more thing, the poisonous part was just a simplification, if you get bit and the wood will get infected you are going to feel a number of side effects at the lead to an explosion of the person like a water balloon.


  • The Rich People:

So if you are one with a light stomach you might not find this too appealing. The rich people are a species of aliens that take the guise of human beings that are living the lavish lifestyle, i.e., the rich. Melding into a glob like a monstrosity that will make you lose your breakfast and melting their helpless prey and then sucking them up with their straw-like appendages…yeah it is really grotesque.

The move is an old one, but the visuals do hold up to this day. The movie is Society (1989).



  • The Lipstick Face Demon:

The first time we saw that thing we got knocked out of our seats. Not only is this demon a combination of a new/old visual but its first appearance to the movie was out of the blue. Making its presence that much more impactful, just look the scene up on YouTube. You’ll get what we are talking about after you watch it. The movie is “Insidious”(2010).


Lipstick Face Demon

  • Jack in the box:

If you want to get, the ever living heck creeped out of you, then go and watch the movie Krampus (2015). Not only is the toy extremely disturbing in real life here the creepy factor gets dilled to 11. The first time you will see that toy in its "glory" it will be devouring a kid whole. Yeah, lovely isn't it? Fun for everyone… happy Halloween kids!


Jack in the box

  • The Creeper:

Is it a daemon? Or an alien? We have no idea all we know is that it should stay far, far away from us as possible…oh yeah, it isn't real…anyways the creeper from “Jeepers Creepers (2001)” is basically an entity that hunts anyone that it can, feeds on them, is immortal, doesn’t seem to mind losing its head, can fly and live without eating for a long time. Also doesn't help that his faces look the way it does and that his appearance is that of a demonic slimy bug-hybrid scarecrow.  


The Creeper

  • The Mutant Baby:

Hooooooo that baby is unsettling to look at, couldn't look at the thing for more than a minute. God, what the heck is that? Go watch “Eraserhead(1977).” I can’t…I’m out! 


The Mutant Baby

  • The Demon From The First Exorcist:

Look we know that it is called Pazuzu but came on; that name sucks hard. Really? Could they've given him a more fun name? Anyways ranting aside, it is an iconic depiction one that led others after generations till this day. It’s still better than some of the newer demonic possessions displayed in movies. Any and every calling card of demonic possession was created by Pazuzu, so it is quite the scary demon.


  • Pumpkin-head:

From the movie of the same name “Pumpkin-head”(1988) isn’t a cartoon character that teaches kids to share their Halloween candy and not to eat it all in one sitting. Its vast demon that looks like it was born to devour children and fights angles for fun, and probably mauls them to shreds.

The design is out of this world, very unique and the monstrosity is just pure imagination and bloodlust on screen.  


Pumpkin Head

  • The Fly:

We remember watching “The Fly (1986)” and turning the TV off before it ended. There are many transformations that Jeff Goldblum's character takes, and each is more unsettling than the last. A big nope!

Dress as the fly this year Halloween party, and you might just give someone a heart attack.


The Fly

  • The Thing:

So picture a lifeform from outer space, it has the ability to shapeshift into anyone or something it needs. Therefore, has infinite ways to render your defenses useless, on top of that has an intellect equal to humans, like a thirst for blood and will kill everything it can…we are out of this planet, call us when "The Thing" (1982) leaves.  


The Thing

Those are some of the scariest monsters that have been in movies, now that you know about them you can choose to watch them in action on Halloween event or get costumes of them for a good and scary time.

Now if you excuse us, we are going to go and watch Rugrats, or maybe Johnny Bravo gets our mind off these monsters. 

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