Is it Easy to Get Approved for a Sears Credit Card?

Through Citibank, Sears Credit card offers exclusive incentives and special financing while saving a lot. if you are a consumer of Sears Cards, you will be able to happily conquer your shopping list while saving money. But is it easy to get approval for a sears credit card? The answer goes in the affirmative if you have a good credit score. 


How to Apply for Sears Credit Card?

You can apply for sears credit card or sears MasterCard without any annual fee. Both the cards offer exclusive offers on monthly basis along with an interest rate of 26.24% APR on every purchase. You can follow these steps to apply for sears cards


Step 1. Choose Application Method 

if you want to apply for sears cards, you can either go for online mode or the offline method, however, sears cards applications are not accepted by mail. 

Online Application Method: You can apply for sears cards via online mode through the Citibank server, which is safe and easy to use. You may likely get the approval on the same day because of fast online services and quick response.


Offline Mode: For applying through Sears or Kmart stores, you will have to ask for a paper application from any respective associate. Your application will be processed electronically and you will get the approval on the same day. 


Step 2. Review All Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions will be displayed at the bottom of the Application form, or if you are applying via stores, the Terms and Conditions prospectus will be attached to the Paper Application form.


Step 3. Complete The Credit Card Application and Wait for Approval 

Provide all the required information carefully to get approval, such as your full legal name, email address, full address, phone number, date of birth, and so on. 

Once the Application process completes, wait for the approval that depends on your credit scores and the authenticity of the provided information. 

For more visit: https://expertsbadge.com/searscard-com-sign-in/