Garfield Has Sex with Nermal in Minecraft

Garfield lures Nermal into a Minecraft world and gangbangs him with Steve, the Ender Dragon, and Creeper.

Garfield, the fat cat, felt extra frisky one night. He couldn't resist the allure of his cute little pal Nermal, with his adorable face and smooth, silky fur. Garfield had been eyeing Nermal for a while, and he finally decided it was time to make his move.


He invited Nermal over to his Minecraft world, promising him a fun night of building and exploring. But when Nermal arrived, he quickly realized that Garfield had other plans for him. Garfield pounced on Nermal, pinning him down with his massive weight.


Nermal tried to resist, but Garfield was too strong. He pulled out his massive cat cock and shoved it in Nermal's mouth, forcing him to suck on it like a lollipop. Nermal gagged and choked on the thick feline member, tears streaming down his face.


Garfield then flipped Nermal over and mounted him from behind, thrusting his massive cock deep inside his tight little cat ass. Nermal yowled in pain and pleasure as Garfield pounded him relentlessly, his massive balls slapping against Nermal's ass with each thrust.


As the night wore on, other Minecraft characters started to join in on the fun. Steve, the blocky little miner, showed up with his diamond pickaxe and took turns drilling Nermal's tight little hole with Garfield. The Ender Dragon even made an appearance, hovering over the scene and spitting hot fire all over Nermal's face.


But the real star of the show was Creeper, that green, explosive creature. He snuck up on Nermal from behind and blew his load all over his back, leaving him covered in sticky, green goo. Nermal moaned in ecstasy as he felt the hot cum seeping into his fur.


Eventually, Garfield and the gang were satisfied and they let Nermal go, battered and bruised but thoroughly satisfied. Nermal stumbled back to his own Minecraft world, still dazed from the experience. He knew he should feel violated and disgusted, but all he could think about was how good it had felt to be used like that.


And as for Garfield and the gang, they continued their wild and depraved antics, taking advantage of any unsuspecting Minecraft character who happened to cross their path. They were the kings of the virtual world, and no one could stop them.