game.tv India Tournaments Complete Rule-set

General Rules:

  1. Participants have to be active on Discord while the tournament is live. It will be considered the participant’s mistake if they do not read the messages on Discord and therefore lack critical information. The host will consider that the participant is inactive, and will disqualify him/her after the wait-time is finished.
  2. Depending on the game, you might have to invite your opponent to your custom room lobby or enter one created by the opponent. 
  3. All tournament-related communication will be conducted on the #tournament-lobby channels.
  4. Lobbies and Brackets are created randomly by the Tourney Bot. Any requests for seeding will be rejected.
  5. Wait-list has been enabled. Waitlisted players will be given a slot in the tournament in-case the previously registered players fail to check-in on time. All Players have to check-in 5 minutes after the registration end time. The Check-in period closes 20 minutes before the tournament start time. 
  6. Wait-time is 10 min for Round 1 of and 5 minutes for all the other rounds. This is for tournaments of all games.
  7. You can only win one QC per week of a particular game. Do not participate in another tournament of the same game if you have already won a tournament in the week.
  8. Mods/hacks not allowed if any player found using hacks he/she will be banned without a second thought
  9. This entire ruleset can be changed by the admin team at any point in time depending on the circumstances. Players will be notified about any new rules on Discord.
  10. Tag the host of the tournament if you have any issue or if you need the results to be updated. DO NOT tag the admins of the server or anyone else.
  11. In special circumstances where there are no rules mentioned about a specific situation, the host’s decision will be final.
  12. The tournament rules can be changed at any point by the moderation team depending on the requirement.
  13. For any questions or queries feel free to reach out to Community Warriors or Community Mages.
  14. If multiple players in a lobby are unable to join a match due to technical reasons, the host is allowed to change the timings only if majority of the players agree to. The time will also be decided as per the majority's preferences. All the players in the lobby will be given 10 minutes to reply when the host discusses with them regarding this. If none of the users reply within 10 minutes, the match-time can be rescheduled by the host as per their choice. This rule DOES NOT apply for BR games (Free Fire, PUBG etc).
  15. If there are multiple hackers/cheaters found in a tournament or if there is an error/bug/glitch disrupting the game while the tournament is live, the host can cancel the tournament and publish a new tournament instead.

Rules for AI Tournament:

  1. AI tournaments are meant to run themselves solely through the Tourney bot. This is only possible with coordination from the participants. However, Pawn#0001 is the host of the tournament and can be reached out for any assistance. 
  2. In AI tournaments, the bot automatically creates lobby channels on Discord. Check the match-start time posted by the bot. Wait-time is the same as regular tournaments - 10 minutes for Round 1 and 5 min for the rest.
  3. If your opponent is unresponsive, post the result with any screenshot ONLY after the wait-time is finished.
    Example: If match-start time is 6:30PM, wait until 6:40PM for your opponent. If they still don’t respond, post result.
    The bot will automatically give you the win after you post the result successfully with the !result command. Hence you just need to wait. Do not tag anyone in this period.
  4. In AI tournaments, tournament details and rules are not correctly set by the bot. Hence you need to refer to this rule-set for full details.
  5. DM @Pawn#0001only if there is any issue among you and your opponent OR if there is a match in the brackets that is not getting finished after the wait-time has ended. 


Clash Royale:

  1. In order to play the tournament matches, you must join BlueStacks India Clan here - #PR0GU9RG OR you can play by sharing your friend link with your assigned opponent if you don't want your decks to be revealed. The tournaments are open to players of all trophy ranges.
  2. Card ban rule in Finals - Each player will ban one card.
  3. The matches are best of 3. This means that the player who wins 2 matches first will proceed to the next round


Format for Private Lobby Based Tournaments:

Tournament duration: 30 mins

Players slot: 50

Game mode: Normal 1vs1

King Level: 9



  1. Mode: Gem Grab
  2. Gadgets are allowed.
  3. All Brawlers are allowed.
  4. Cheating or abusing a bug will result in disqualification of the entire team.
  5. If you want to report anything to the admins, please note that you will need to have valid proof for it. We suggest you to record your tournament matches.
  6. There will only be a wait-time of 5 minutes for players to ready up in their lobbies.

    Frequently asked questions:

➔ Can we kick the player if the player isn’t doing ready or spectating other match after the wait time?


Ans) If a player has joined the lobby and is not readying up, you are allowed to kick him after 5 minutes.


➔ Can we increase wait time if we give a valid reason? 

Ans) This depends on the context and situation. The admin will make the final decision.


➔ What to do if a non-registered player joins the room?

Ans) Kick that person ASAP before starting the match. Please view the list of players which is given in the lobby.


➔ Match was started before the wait time, is it a rematch?

Ans) Yes, It will be a rematch if you have a valid proof.


➔ What is count as Valid proof in terms of "Started before wait time"?

Ans) Only proof which will be counted as valid proof will be to let the admin know about this before wait time has finished.


➔ Screenshots of phone time will be counted as valid proof ?

Ans) No, it won't be counted


Rumble Stars: 

  1. In order to play the tournament matches, you must join BlueStacks India Club by searching ‘BlueStacks Ind’. You can also play by sharing your friend link with your assigned opponent
  2. The matches are best of 3. This means that the player who wins 2 matches first will proceed to the next round.
  3. The tournament might be core only/core and pro only/ core, pro and epic only. So the players are requested to check the #tournament-info channel for details.


LUDO World:

  • 4 players will play in a single match. Anyone of the players can create a room and share the room code with the other players in his/her game-lobby.
  • Lobby leader has to share the lobby code on Discord and the in-game lobby.
  • Other players have to join the tournament lobby with the lobby join code shared in the #game-lobby channel.
  • Wait for the moderator to ask you before creating a room because rooms remain open only for a short amount of time before the match gets automatically started.
  • Don't start the match unless the host tells you to or until all the players join the room.


8 Ball Pool:

  • You can only use a beginner cue.
  • Game Mode: Downtown London.
  • Mods/hacks not allowed... if any player is found guilty then he/she will be banned without any further discussions.
  • Both players (according to the brackets) should share their unique id to add each other as friends and then proceed with the match.
  • Each lobby will have a maximum of 2 players.


WCC 2:

  1. One of the players in the lobby has to make a custom room and share the code in the #game-lobby channel. 
  2. The room gets expired in 2 minutes. Hence the participants are required to hurry up and join once the room code is shared.
  3. If players have scored the same number of runs, the player with least wickets down wins.
  4. Tie-breaker matches will be conducted only for the players who have scored the same number of runs and have the same number of wickets down OR if the room code is invalid (you have to produce SS which clearly shows the time from notification within 2 min after sharing code).
  5. Winners can't give their slot to a different player in the finals.
  6. Winner of the lobby can give his win to the 2nd position player if he doesn’t want the victory.


Smashing Four:

  1. You will have to invite your opponent to a friendly match.
  2. All cards are allowed.
  3. You will have to join the clan ‘BlueStacks IND’ in order to participate in the tournament.
  4. All matches will be played on the ‘farm’ map only.
  5. All matches will be BO1.
  6. You will need to join the BlueStacks IND clan to participate in the tournament.
  7. Sometimes there is a glitch and you will be unable to play. Please take video recording as proof and ask for a rematch in that case.


Head Ball 2:

  1. Jack is the only character allowed. Using items is not allowed. 
  2. Equalize character mode should be turned on.
  3. Time limit - 90 seconds
  4. You are not allowed to use powers. This will lead to direct disqualification.
  5. All matches will be BO3 - Fireball mode.


Soccer Stars:

  1. You will have to invite your opponent assigned to you in a friendly match.
  2. You can only use the red and blue teams. You can only use level 1 teams. If you have already upgraded your teams, use a new account. Using upgraded teams will result in instant disqualification.
  3. All matches will be played in trickshot mode.
  4. All boots are allowed.


Garena Free Fire:

  1. All matches will be played in solo mode.
  2. Any form of cheating will result in a ban.
  3. Exploiting bugs will result in a ban.
  4. After a match has been completed, the winners have to post a screenshot of their end-game screen on Discord. If screenshots are not provided, your victory will be nullified.
  5. All details like custom room ID and password will be shared on Discord. The match will start 5 minutes after ID and password is shared. It is mandatory for all the registered players to stay active on Discord while the tournament is live. 
  6. The staff will not be liable if any registered player could not play because they weren’t active on Discord.
  7. It is the player’s responsibility to have a good connection to play the tournament matches properly. The tournament will go on regardless of someone getting disconnected or facing lag problems.
  8. Your in-game character name and registered name needs to be the same.
  9. Unregistered players will get a ban if they join any custom room which has been created for the tournament. 
  10. Players have to enter the lobby and wait on 
  11. Admins and Moderators have the right to change any rule or information at any point of time during the tournament duration based on the circumstances.
  12. If any conflict arises, the decision taken by the admin/moderator will be final and any resistance against it will result in a warn or ban.
  13. Sometimes, unregistered players might enter LIVE lobbies. These are lobbies hosted by our YouTuber partners. These lobbies are completely the YouTuber's responsibility and hence game.tv India staff is not responsible to make sure that only the registered players play in the tournament.
  14. Players are only allowed to register in 2 Free Fire tournaments per day. If a player registers for multiple tournaments, they will be warned. Note: Players will only be warned 2 times for this. If this is repeated for the third time, they will be banned.