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 Discount bargain by way of percent, charge or preset bargain. Observe it on product or invoice. Refunds
refund preceding invoice or non related refunds. Subject matter shade customize each layout, function key and product object shade. Bluetooth scanner/keyboard attach a bluetooth barcode scanner to ring up a product. As an alternative key in product code the usage of bluetooth keyboard


coins until manipulate a couple of shift throughout multiple device. Effortlessly discover which until is short. Works absolutely offline all connections among gadgets are achieved inside nearby region network. Having internet is non-compulsory. Keep bill/send order   preserve the invoice and ship orders to kitchen, consider later to feature on orders or checkout. Cut up payments pay in part with coins or credit card. Split bill break up via percentage, custom quantity, seat or maybe a part of the meals. Time based totally menu show only unique set of menu at some point of defined hour of the day. Ordering mode dine in, to go, short serve, shipping & online ordering. 

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