Carpet 101: Finish your living room decoration with the final touches

Rugs and carpets bring colour, warmth, and texture to every room. It's a fast and easy upgrade: the transition happens right away, so you get immediate gratification. But how do you choose the best rug or carpet for your living room? Is it the appropriate size for the location? What colour or texture goes well with your home's decor?  Choosing furniture for home decoration can be tricky.


A good quality carpet transforms a floor from functional to welcoming. It immediately transforms a living room, softening the appearance and absorbing noise to create a welcoming atmosphere. However, deciding on the right carpet for your home can be a minefield, with too many choices ranging from pile styles to colours.

Here are all the answers you'll ever need to lay the perfect carpet, from beginning to end!

Consider your living style

If you have a young family and pets, a hard-wearing carpet in a forgiving colour, such as a textured loop pile or a premium hard-twist cut, is a good choice. If you're a couple looking for a bit of elegance, a plush pile in a flat colour could be the way to go. If you're an entertainer, a stippled cut pile or a hybrid cut and loop pile in mid-to-dark tones would be appropriate.


Rugs or carpets? Make a pick

It's entirely up to you because they're exactly the same thing and do the same function. However, you can choose between a carpet and a rug based on where it will be placed.


The primary distinction between a rug and a carpet is their size. Rugs are smaller and come in a variety of designs, forms, and measurements, while carpets are larger (the sides weigh more than 6 feet) and traditionally come in rectangles or squares.


In rooms where you want to add texture or suspense, carpets can be a perfect option.Your living room, library, or apartment, for example. Since these places have little foot traffic, a carpet may be a good option. Furthermore, a thick mohair or wool carpet feels wonderful underfoot and instantly elevates the look of your room. A rug (preferably with a small pile, which means shorter fibres) in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and dining area, on the other hand, may be more appropriate when these areas see more traffic. You'll be able to shift the rug around and wash it more easily!

Consider plush piles

Loop piles are made up of yarn that has been woven into loops. There are several variations: some have a formal, linear appearance, while others have a ribbed pattern that resembles sisal. The carpet has a textured, relaxed look thanks to the random loop stacks.

A little mix works wonders!

Carpets with a combination of cut and loop pile, where the alternating textures make a light and dark pattern, are less likely to reveal footsteps and have a lovely feel underfoot.

Carpet colouring 

Darker colours tend to make a space feel cosier. Lighter colours give the impression of a bigger room. Choosing a carpet that mixes two colours in a subtle, neutral mix is a common choice. When it comes to stains, it's more forgiving.

Lie on it 

If someone in your family enjoys lounging on the concrete, invest in a heavy-duty, thick carpet. The more yarn a carpet sample contains, the thicker it is.