1. Loan Players
- Loan players should be inelligable when playing against parent clubs
- Ability to negotiate a percentage of wages to pay rather than always full wages
- Ability to negotiate a loan period (1/2/3 months as well as end of season or two seasons)
- Bigger loan deals able to be negotiated such as Torres to Milan or Falcao to Man Utd

2. Scripted Transfers
- More dynamic transfers made by CPU controlled clubs. Not same players moving to same clubs every save. Or unrealistic transfers like Anichebe to Munich or Sanogo to Real Madrid.

3. Friendlies/Pre-Season
- Ability to arrange your own friendlies with a team of your choice, perhaps with a select few dates available
- Unlimited substitutions allowed in friendlies
- Maybe arrange a pre-season tournament similar to the Emirates Cup,Audi Cup
- Ability to arrange training camps during the summer period

4. Fixture List Congrestion
- Ability to request a games postponement due to fixture list congestion/players on international duty
- Perhaps allow games to be manually moved within a limited range of days etc.

5. Youth/Reserve Teams
- Add in a Youth Squad League in which young players will compete against each other
- Youth Squads filled with the younger players by default.
- Ability to call up/drop players from the Youth/Reserve team at any point.
- Allow players in the Youth/Reserve teams to grow as if they were getting regular game time at that level eg. reserve/U-21 league.
- Youth players added to youth team automatically
- Youth manager presents reports of youngsters that are playing well and deserve a call up to the first team
- No more 5´5 CBs or Wingers with 45 pace coming out of the academy.Proper statistics according to positions being played by youngsters
- Better weak foot abilites generated for positions in which those are needed (CDM,CM,CAM)
- More 4 or 5 star skillers generated for positions in which those are needed (RW,RF,LW,LF,CAM)

6. Player Growth
- More dynamic player growth related to player performance in game. Eg. Player in scoring form, shooting related stats increase. Lots of assists, passing related stats increase. Solid defensive performance, defensive stats increase.
- Players that aren't playing at all or even remotely refularly should grow at a lesser rate, encouraging squad rotation etc. (Current bench players growing faster than first teamers atm)
- Ability to ask a player/train a player to be able to play in a new position
- Ability for Young Players to grow in length throughout career
- Ability to tell players to train a certain aspect of their attributes

- Ability to accept/reject career mode related items so as to avoid saves being tainted by unwanted items.

8. Budgets
- Ability to transfer budgets from season to season if not all is spent. At present you lose all money with a new budget set, next seasons budgets could take into account money left over from the previous year.
- More realistic prize money for lower league sides final finishing position and cup prize funds etc
- The board needs to notice the lack of money when their team is struggling and offer money to be added to the budget in return of higher expectations for the season
- Teams need to be able to earn money from tickets being sold at their home games
- Show a financial checkup screen after every game like in FIFA 09 (adding up ticket revenue to the budget)

9. Media
- More options when speaking to the media, perhaps small press conferences with 3 or 4 questions with multiple choice answers.
- Answers to the media do need to have an impact on how the board portrays you,ultimately resulting in effects on your job security

10. Simulated Games
- More input for simulated games, EG. Ability to make a substitution.
- Ability to join the game at a certain point to try and turn a situation around EG, join the game with 30 mins to go with the scenario already set in a similar way to the ones used for World Cup DLC etc.

11. Licensing
- Would LOVE more full league licensing similar to the BPL, either for leagues or individual cup competitions. (Obviously understand the potenital massive financial and legal difficulties)

12. Player Interaction
- Ability to speak to players on an individual basis. Praise players for good form or try and motivate a player that is having a rough run of games.
- Be able to explain to a player why he isn't getting first team football etc
- Ability to discuss with a player why you are/aren't giving them a new contract when they approach for one.
- Discuss with a player why they want to leave in certain situations and be able to address the matter to make them stay or force them out.
- Pre and Post game team-talks

13. CPU Transfer Negotiations
- Enable CPU teams to also be able to offer players + cash in exchange for a user player or cash + loan player
- Add the ability for the CPU to more frequently buy more young players instead of only high rated established players

14. Kits
- When a team is promoted, the league badge on the shirt should change to the new league, EG Champo to Prem. Or vice versa. Golden BPL badges for league winner
- Option to change kit sponsor for a yearly fee (obviously might bring up complications with current sponsorship deals and licensing etc)
- Option to slightly alter the appearance of the kit (again potential sponsorship and liceinsing issues)
- If the ability to change the kit is too much to ask for then let us maybe choose between historical kits to be enabled for upcoming seasons

15. - Appeals
- Ability to appeal a straight red card decision

16. In Ground Atmosphere
- Better allocation of ingame chants. EG, Cambridge vs Shrewsbury, crowd wouldn't be chanting Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea.
- Hightened/Elevated crowd noise/excitement depending on importance of fixture. EG, cup games/local derbies
- Flares and More unique crowd mosaics
- More dynamic crowd with more new animations plus avoid everyone sitting down at once like robots
- Crowd need to cheer up the team whenever team is down and losing

17. Parent/Affiliate Clubs
- Small clubs can partner up with big teams for the exchange of loan players, free of charge.

18. Stadium Editor
- The ability to edit your stadium with regards new builds, managing ticket and concession prices for more in depth financial control.

19. Additional Sponsors
- Ability to raise additional funds by signing extra sponsors for the side. Similar to how it was done in previous titles with extra incentives etc.

20. Manager Creation
- Ability to customise the appearance of your manager character. Perhaps even with a game face.

21. Staff Upgrade
- Ability to "upgrade" the quality of your fitness staff, physio etc. like it was in FIFA 09,FIFA 10 which then impacts the growth of players stats

22. Job Vacancies + Interviews
- Option to start Unemployed and for jobs to become available depending on manager performance. Ability to apply for jobs and have an interview process and manager reputation dictates what teams approach you.

23. Youth Players
- Physical stats don't improve over time, plus heights of some youth players don´t change from 5ft 2 in FIFA 15

- Ability to negotiate contracts in both length and wages.
- Training function to help build stats over time (Training = Skill challenges that are already in FIFA 15)
- Ability to be subbed off due to poor performance
- Ability to start on the bench and be subbed on
- More variety in Manager tactics, trying different formations etc.
- Ability to recieve more than one transfer offer at once
- Ability to purchase boots with wages earned rather than have them unlocked.
- Or perhaps be approached by a manufacturer for a sponsorship deal to wear their boots
- More appearance customisation EG, tattoos/piercings
- Ability to be recalled from loan should the parent club need you
- Option to request playing time if not selected
- Grow the ability to play multiple positions
- Ability to be selected as club captain or become a club legend
- New camera angle, watching from the bench (linked with starting as sub)
- Ability to start unsigned and play in a trialists game to have your first few offers to choose from
- Ability to work your way up from no name at the club to captain of the first team (already implemented into older FIFA games)

25. Stadiums and Leagues
- Hard to know what licenses are available etc, but any etc stadiums in England or other top leagues would be great. Or even new default ones would be a refreshing change

26. Length of CM
- More than 15 seasons

27. FIFA Fair Play
- Add in the FIFA Financial Fair Play rulings

28. Cup Celebrations
- Alternative Cup celebration scenes. Perhaps up the stairs at Wembley etc

29. Other League Stats
- Make other leagues stats such as top goalscorer, assist, clean sheets etc available to see during the season.

30. Cup Finals
- Ability to spectate cup finals that you haven't qualified for

31. CPU manager selections
- Manager picks realistic team selection eg, Lindegaard always playing instead of De Gea etc
- Sub in young players when team is winning with a high goal difference to give them play time
32. International Comps
- Add AFCON, Asia, Confederations and Gold Cup if possible

33. Player contracts
- Put clauses into contracts such as release clauses, buy-back clauses and promotion wage rises etc

34. Stat History
- Be able to see what players stats were in previous seasons as opposed to just the current one.

35. Player Awards
- Viewable player awards such a TOTW, TOTY, Player of the month, Young player of the month etc (For multiple leagues)

36. Online Career Mode
- Small group of perhaps 2-5 friends. One player hosts and keeps the save in the same way FM works. All players join the save/lobby.
- To work effectively extremely similar to how Football Manager work their network games.
- Players play through season playing vs CPU and then playing vs each other when fixtures dictate.
- Players can work out transfers between each other,swap deals etc.
37. Job Security
- There needs to be a level of Job Security which needs to start at a certain level considering the managers experience
- This needs to change according to results and the expectations of the board
38.Fan Reputation Level
- A level of trust that is given by the fans for the manager needs to be implemented
- This also needs to have an impact on the job security provided by the board
39.Creation Centre Return
- We need to be able to create our own club with self designed kits,badge and fan colors put them into a league and do a from rags to riches type of career

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