How Students should Enhance Learning during Pandemic

Education has undergone a significant change in the recent one year when most of the schools were locked due to the pandemic. Situation is still very severe where schools are finding no way out to run on their usual routines. Students, on the other hand have suffered a huge gap during this one year and are struggling hard to cope-up with this second attack of Corona virus situation. Teachers, students, and managements across the globe are making their every possible effort to keep learning on a progressive path. However, e-learning has emerged as one of the most promising platforms which can be utilized effectively to bridge the gap of education and learning. The transition from traditional classrooms to virtual learning has opened a whole new gateway for students where some are finding it manageable to implement it up to a successful level while others in some remote areas are struggling hard with some basic amenities.


Scarcity of Resources

Not every student has the basic facilities to implement online classes successfully at their homes. Students who belong to some remote areas are finding it much difficult to follow regular online classes. Network availability, cost of desktop/laptop and other gadgets, and most importantly, proper support from guardians to deal this completely new aspect of learning have been some major reasons where most of the children are facing much issues in learning their lessons from online platforms. Most of the schools in Ras-Al-Khaimah are offering continuous online education programs to ensure constant learning among their children. Moreover, the lack of earning resources of guardians have also minimized in this pandemic situation and as a result, they find it much difficult to offer modern learning tools to their children.


Designating a proper place

There should be a proper place dedicated for learning when children sit to take their online classes. Make sure to select a place where your network works best to avoid any hurdles between classes. The place should be calm and tranquil to allow children concentrate on their topics and is least affected by guests. Children often get distracted when the place where they study is affected by various people whether from inside the family or outside. Best schools in Ras-Al-Khaimah often keep promoting the importance of a quiet place for online learning.


Exploring the world of online resources

The technological advancements have paved way for enhanced learning for children through various effective online tools which are very helpful in overcoming every possible hurdle in learning process. Children can access different online learning tools which can add to their learning experience in a great sense. International schools in Ras-Al-Khaimah offer different learning resources through their online platform.