Call of Duty Infinite Warfare cheats iphone android mod

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare cheats iphone android mod


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CoDIW Aimbot is a piece of software that will scan your PC / Consoles graphic memory, which contains all the information about the map you are playing, to extract enemy player locations and the terrain. The aimbot will then automatically aim your crosshairs at any enemy in sight (line of sight) and shoot them. The aimbot will either lock onto an enemy at the holding down of a button / key, leaving the shooting to you, or it will aim and shoot for you. Some aimbots will also be able to use wall penetrating weapons to shoot enemies through walls. Aimbots are extremely easy to detect if you do not use high quality software or dont know what you are doing. Abusers will be banned quickly, which is how it should be, because no one likes trolls.  Wallhack / ESP Hack is very similar to the aimbot, but instead of aiming and shooting it will merely highlight enemies, explosives ect on your screen at all times. ESPs are also able to show you advanced information like player names, health, weapons and so on. Wallhacks are less obvious, more fun, generally safer and cheaper to buy than aimbots.

CoDIW is not using dedicated servers, one player ends up being the “server” / host for the game. Which essentially means that his console or PC hosts the match and processes all the relevant data, such as the damage, health of players, their positions and so on. Now if someone is using an edited version of the game on a hacked console (xbox one or ps4), then they are able to mod or hack the game lobby and enable really powerful cheats: God mode, invisibility, unlimited ammo, max prestige, all campos, unlimited perks and payloads, payload cooldwons and so on. Essentially, nothing is impossible.


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