CSR Racing 2 unlimited Cash Gold Speed [free gift codes]

CSR Racing 2 unlimited Cash Gold Speed [free gift codes]


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 CSR Racing 2 game is the “crew” add-on. When you compete in an event as a part of a crew, the rewards are more than what you could have achieved as a lone wolf trying to conquer a drag race event.

The graphics of this android mobile game are breathtaking. Players will feel a complete immersive feel when playing the game. The cars that you drive, the cars that you race against, the track surface as well as the landscape all give you a complete console feel which is very impressive. Given that the game size stands at 1.9 GB of storage on your android phone.


There is a mixture of 50 super and hypercars to choose from with an almost life-like appearance and performance in CSR Racing 2. The attention to detail extends to everything including detailed interiors, color options, and customization. So if you make any custom changes to your car they will appear more prominently compared to other car racing games. Do you play CSR Racing 2? Let us know your tips and car tweaks in the comments section below. Rate the game and explore other car racing games suchproper shift time and nitrous pumps. As with all the drag races you are expected to change gears at the correct time, and cross the finish line first. You will win a load of cash and reputation points for doing well and winning a race. You can also compete against live players across the world online. And you will do all this while building your own supercars along the way.



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