All You Need To Know About CISSP Certified Professional Salary

Cybersecurity is a vital domain to run the online servers and web addresses securely.

In one of the highly demanding job roles, cybersecurity experts are continuously required in the global employment market.


Furthermore, there are some amazing facts about CISSP certified professional

  1. An average base salary of certified CISSP experts is up to $111,000.
  2. The IT security market is expected to grow up to $300Billion.
  3. By the end of 2021,IT security space might have 3.5 million job openings.
  4. Out of many top hiring giants, CISSP professionals have a chance to work with top industry leaders like AWS, DISNEY, GARTNER, and many more.


This article will discuss everything you need to know about the salary trend, future scope and salary on the basis of location, experience and certification!


CISSP Certified Professional Salary

An exciting exciting feature in cybersecurity experts is the lucrative career but essentially, it is the high paying salary that does the talking.


In the global employment market certified cybersecurity experts have a high demand as the world is turning to digitization?

If you are looking for a cybersecurity career, CISSP certification will earn you a high paying job.


The salary is based on multiple factors such as 

  • Certification
  • Roles
  • Experience
  • Location


As a certified professional earns 9% more salary , as per survey by Global Knowledge

Also, the average salary of CISSP certified experts is up to $98000 annually.


The article will discuss salary based factors and cyber security experts' future scope with CISSP certification.



A salary report from Global Knowledge reveals that certified professionals earn more salary varying in different locations.

Here is a list of salaries earned by cybersecurity specialists depending on different locations.


  1. In North America, certified professionals earn 9 % more than the non certified counter parts
  2. In Asia Pacific region, you have scope of earning 6% higher salary with CISSP certification
  3. In the collective EMEA region explained as Europe, Middle East and Africa has opportunity to earn 8% more than the non certified IT professionals
  4. Latin America has higher opportunities in cybersecurity due to less infrastructural penetration of cyberspace. This has resulted into high valuation of CISSP certified cybersecurity experts


Furthermore, another significant factor that results in a lucrative salary job is depending on the role obtained.




With CISSP certification, there are various roles that you can apply for. 


Based on the role, various responsibilities are expected.

Of Course, your significant position in the cyberspace pool gives you enough leverage for a high salary and various perks.


The various roles on the basis of CISSP certification  are

  1. IT security manager
  2. Ethical hacker
  3. Penetration tester


On the basis of the roles , your salary gets defined. 

Do you know what is the salary of an IT security manager with CISSP certification?


JanBask Training, an online training platform has been working with a high research objective to understand global employment in cyberspace.Here is a list of role based salary list as per JanBask Training industry experience.


An IT security Manager salary ranges from $82, 760 to $108, 857. IT security manager is high stable job with an average base salary of 


Being an Ethical Hacker is a big array of responsibilities that has important tasks resulting in average base pay of $101,203 . Ethical Hacker has opportunities in multiple industries with high job posting in banking , finance, energy and information technology.


A penetration tester earns $115, 892 as an average salary in the United States annually.




In cybersecurity, experience is a vital factor that results in a high salary career. With multiple technological orientation and tools to keep business away from security lags and theft proof, cybersecurity experts with high experience helps organizations combat new security issues.


In this segment there are multiple roles with experience that vary the salary graph.

Check the below table to understand the salary curve depending on experience.

Job role

Average Base Pay

1+ yr 

1-4 yrs experience

5+ year experience

Information security Manager





Information Security Analyst





Chief Information Security Officer





Security Architect





Information Security Officer







In the global employment market, there is salary variation depending upon the location.

In the international , national and regional employment market; location is a vital factor that decides CISSp certified professional salary .

Apart from the national average base pay salary curve , the business market oriented region has high supply and demand requirements for cybersecurity specialists with CISSP certification.

In such a highly penetrated market, there are different salary offers as compared with remote locations or suburbs.


The location based salary survey will help you understand which region has lucrative salary opportunities.


So next time you wish to start working in cyberspace, all you need to know is the location that suits you best!


Here is a location based salary table.CHeck your suitable location with your CISSP certification


Average CISSP salary 2021


Rs 17,87,769










The salary graph with lucrative career f;exibility has made a boost in certification and training for CISSP exam.

Once you crack the exam, you have a stack of opportunities that help you grow your career in cyberspace.


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