Diving Deep into Business Astrology - Business Horoscope by Date of Birth

Astrology guides all the aspects of our life, right from our birth till our death! Vedic Astrology has created a marvelous thing called a birth chart, which is prepared using absolutely accurate date, time and place of birth of an individual. This birth-chart or horoscope is the guiding light for all the major decisions of our life, including business. In fact, Business Astrology is one of the most popular branches of Astrology and an experienced Business Astrologer is one of the busiest consultants among people who are interested in making their venture a success.



​In fact, one of the top astrologers in India, Dr. Vinay Bajrangi says that it is a norm to get a Business Astrologer to prepare one’s business horoscope by date of birth before the person takes a concrete decision regarding business. Over the years, the trend has really caught on as more and more people become aware of the benefits of proper astrological consultations to better your chances of success in business. The main foundation of Business Astrology is the horoscope, which contains the prime indicators of your career, whether it is a business or some job. The planetary combinations visible in your horoscope offer an insight into what your future or destiny holds in store for you as a businessman.

Houses Influencing Business Success10th House is the most important house in your business horoscope as it is known as the house of career. Career growth and progress of your business, including rewards, recognitions, social status and fame, all is designated in this house.


  1. The 7th house is the main business house as per business astrology. Since it is placed 10th from the 10th house, it is also known as the secondary house of career.

  2. The 11th house denotes financial gain. Whatever success you may or may not achieve in your business is described in monetary terms in the 11th house. Multiple planets, when placed at a strong position in the 11th house, indicate a “significant astrological combination” suitable for your business.

  3. The 3rd house shows initiative and courage in an individual, both of which are necessary to build a fighting spirit in a businessman.


Planets Influencing Business Astrology

MOON  – The planet Moon is an important planet for success in business because it not only denotes wealth but also mental strength. A strong Moon represents strong mental faculty, which is an essential component of success for a businessman.


SUN – Sun represents energy & vitality, which again are two more vital features in a prospective businessman. A weak Sun would mean a businessman with a weak disposition, which, in turn, might result in less than desired success. You need a strong Sun in your business horoscope to enjoy optimum power to steer things at work.


MERCURY – The planet Mercury is the ruler of intelligence, logic and financial success. It goes without saying that a successful businessman needs to be intelligent as well as logical, which is possible with strong Mercury in your birth-chart.


Revelations in Your Business Horoscope

According to Dr. Vinay  Bajrangi, planets placed in the 7th house are great indicators of the future outcome of an individual’s business plans. Therefore, he insists, consulting a Business Astrologer should be the first step to starting a business for everyone who is interesting in making a successful career out of entrepreneurship.

Carrying forward this thought, let us take a look at what revelations are made by the placement of the significant planets in the 7th house –

Moon placed in the 7th house indicates ups and downs or frequent changes in one’s business endeavors.

Sun placed favorably in the 7th house denotes stability in the business.

Mars in the 7th house means impulsive behavior, instability and loss in business due to wrong decisions.

Mercury placed in the 7th house is favorable for business profit and desirable progress.

Jupiter is a great help to you when placed in the 7th house. However, it demands use of fair values & ethics in your business.

Venus, when placed in 7th house, brings luck, prosperity as well as good reputation.

Saturn, in the 7th house, brings no good news for any business-related career.


Business Astrology or preparing business horoscope by date of birth is a very fine art, which only an experience business astrologer can accomplish. Analyzing the horoscope and then siphoning out correct business predictions as per date of birth is a perspective that comes with enough experience. Thus, before seeking which business to start, consult an able business astrologer and then follow his advice as well as your business horoscope.

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi is one of the best business astrologers of India, who offers valuable business advice to both budding as well as established business owners. He is also an authority on astrological advice regarding career, marriage and several other major life-changing aspects in your life. Dr. Bajrangi’s writings also reveal an in-depth understanding of the rich tradition of Vedic Astrology. Connect with him on  vinaybajrangi.com  or on phone - +91 9278665588 / 9278555588.


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