Brilic – personal experience (top review)

For many people who do not know how to find an exit from loneliness Brilic is a chance to change everything, from everyday routine to the whole life.

Previously, in order to meet someone, you had to go to cafes, bars, restaurants, discos, clubs. Today it can be done without even leaving home, it is enough to install the appropriate application on your mobile device. In this review we will consider the most popular Dating apps on iPhone and Android devices. We will also try to identify all the advantages and disadvantages of such applications in terms of their use and obtain specific results.

Regardless of which subspecies you are human – Homo Erectus or Homo Feminus, most likely you need a pair. Body requests, or soul requires, this not it is important. It is important that there is a need, and something nee


ds to be done with it. Fortunately, the service Brilic, will help you avoid analog loneliness in the digital age of Dating. What to do? First of all-download the Dating app Brilic, available for Android and iOS and install it on your device.

The program is designed for Russian-speaking users of Canada, Germany, USA, Israel, but there are thousands of users from the former CIS countries. In fact, it is more international than the recognition of the us dollar, and his/her lover/lover you will have a chance to find at least in Russia or Ukraine, even in Hungary and Cyprus, even in the middle of nowhere. Serbia, I mean. No offense, I just don't know where she is on the map.

However, before that you need to create your profile. And then we cool helps synchronization with social networks like Google and Facebook, which automatically pulls the basic information. It remains only to set a password for the profile and move forward.

The main means of Dating in Brilic, as in many other social networks-a game called “Sympathy”. The recipe is simple-we see a picture of the instance of interest to us, click either on the heart or on the cross, expressing sympathy either to the person or to the symbol of multiplication, respectively.

Yes, the application Brilic shareware, that is, to download and install nothing to pay is not necessary, but in order to fully take advantage of all the features you need to buy this same subscription, which reduces the appearance of fake profiles and increases the chances of a serious acquaintance.


This very subscription, in addition to scaring advertising, makes chats open and without restrictions (not my words, a direct quote from the application, understand how you want), allows you to view profiles of those who like you, as well as to have priority in the queue for moderation photos. To activate the subscription and use all the features of Brilic, enter the coupon 3FREE-gives free access to the service for 3 days. Activate-Settings-profile Information-Coupons.

Every person who is going to look for a soul mate or just new acquaintances should have some specific goals that he pursues. The variety of such goals can be quite large. Some people use Dating apps as virtual clients, with which you can just chat about anything. Others are trying to use these applications to organize a romantic meeting. The most desperate users are looking for fleeting encounters for intimate relationships. Today, for each subject, you can find a large number of programs that require settings according to the specified criteria.

About questionnaires. In addition to the traditional paragraphs "about yourself", you have the opportunity to set the search criteria (age, place and purpose of acquaintance), personal data (information about date of birth, name, place of residence, presence of children, education of varying degrees of goodness, ethnic type, financial status, etc.), as well as appearance, character, habits and knowledge of languages. Dossier can be such that any employee of security service hat will be removed but the hand shake.

Of course, on Dating sites such openness is mutual. Although the search for each of these items is a little lacking. It is generally limited, in addition to age and region of residence, switches "Without children”, “with photo” and "with higher education".


Also, if you have geolocation enabled, you can search for people near you. This feature is included in the settings - as well as the options for notifications on the smartphone / e-mail, change the password, email address, the ability to evaluate the application and log out of the account. Pop-up notifications come quite briskly, so you won't miss a message from your narrowed.

Unfortunately, like many other Dating sites of modern breed, Brilic immediately throws us a random acquaintance, whose profile is very well put a filter on the photo, to fill certain points in the profile with us, and indeed without a gift she does not communicate. Whether it's a bot or a real person with very tight requests is unclear, but the fact that such a scheme is common is a bit unnerving.

Moreover, to write to the girl you are interested in, you will need either mutual sympathy or a subscription. Or you can try to use a template phrase for Dating, if the program allows. All of them are equally good... well, if you are a novice player, of course. Also, as I understood, even respond to messages cannot be without subscription.

In General, Brilic has a good chance to get into the top Dating apps. The interface and design of the program are nice, it is quite pleasant to use it, and it is quite convenient to look for a couple. You can, of course, make the search more convenient, but the main stumbling block is too Intrusive attempts to promote a paid subscription. Is there any benefit in this regard from the free version – I will not say for the rest, but for me it was of little use.

Overall results

By the way, the developers of Brilic are very attentive to the comments and wishes of users. Therefore, if you like the application, please support it, put five and write a review. And if something does not suit, also leave your comment in the Google Play store or App Store – the developers will respond and most likely eliminate the shortcomings in the next updates of the application. Good luck with Dating!