Brawl Stars Weekly Scrims Rule-set For 2vs2

 Tournament Format:


Monday - Wednesday | Community Qualifiers:
- Each of the 16 partner servers/guilds will host 2 qualifier tournaments each between Monday - Wednesday.
- Top 4 teams from each qualifier will proceed to the main event.
- Qualifier will be 16 slots single-elimination tournaments. All matches will be 2vs2 mode in these qualifiers(Fix Team).
- A total of 8 teams from each server will proceed to the Ranking Event.


Thursday | Registration for the Ranking Event:

The qualified teams get 1 day to register for the Ranking Event.


Friday | Main Event:
- The main event is a single-elimination tournament with 128 teams (7 rounds)
- First 2 rounds of the main event will be conducted on Friday.

- Round 3,Round 4,& Round 5 of the main event will be conducted on Saturday


 Sunday | Finale
- The top 8 teams from the main event will battle it out to become the best Brawl Stars team in India.


Prize Distribution:

Main Event has a prize-pool of Rs.28,000 will be divided as follows:


1st - Rs.8,000
2nd - Rs.6,000
3rd - Rs.4,000
4th to 8th - Rs.2000

Rules and guidelines:

In-Game Rules:

  1. Game mode: Gem Grab
  2. Type: 2v2
  3. All matches will be BO3 except the Semifinals and Finals which will be BO5.
  4. In case of a draw rematch with the same brawler.
  5. Gadgets and star powers: On
  6. All Brawlers Allow except edgar and byron.
  7. In all matches, each team can choose to ban 1 brawler which cannot be picked by either of the teams.
  8. Maximum wait time: 10 minutes per round. Some times there might be exceptions depending on the circumstances. In this case, please co-operate with the moderators.
  9. The winner should send the screenshot from the battle log and ping one of the staff only once.
  10. If unregistered players are found in-game lobbies, they will be removed. Its the participant's duty to kick players who do not belong in the lobby.


General rules:

  1. This entire rule-set has to be strictly followed by the community managers when the qualifiers are being hosted on their guild.
  2. This tournament is open only for players from the Indian & Indian subcontinent.
  3. Please be on time for your registration and for the actual tournament.

    You (and your team) will be disqualified on a no-show. 

    You and all of your teammates must be registered to qualify for the event.

  4. In case someone picks a banned Brawler, their opponents will get a default win.
  5. substitution not allow.
  6. All participants must always observe the highest standards of personal, professional integrity and good sportsmanship. Game.tv admins are to be treated with the utmost respect.
  7. Gambling on the outcome of tournament games is strictly prohibited to the participants. Participants are not allowed to place or attempt to place bets on any tournament games (or any plays or components thereof). Participants also cannot associate with high volume gamblers, or deliver information to others that might influence their bets. 
  8. Participants are not allowed to offer any gift or cash or any other reward to a player, coach, manager, other team members, admins or any other person connected to the tournament, in order to influence the outcome of a tournament game.
  9. Participants or anyone who is attempting to register for the tournament is not allowed to spread misinformation or faulty information to anyone in the community. This can be regarding the tournament rules, registration process or any feature of Game.tv.