Generator Ants Under glitch unlimited Diamonds

Generator Ants Under glitch unlimited Diamonds


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The Ants: Underground Kingdom you are the strong Ant Ruler and you lead your Queen and build your Anthill. In order to survive and reproduce  you need to protect your anthill from nature and other animals, grow your colony and defend it from enemies and dangers. 

The anthill in this game is the same as a castle in an empire and it provides a safe place for your offspring to grow. You have to be careful with building your anthill since the layout should be strategic and plan it wisely by constructing tunnels. What is more, the number of ants you have in your anthill represents how strong your empire is. In order to develop your ant empire you need to hatch as many ants as you can and lead them to fights, to plunder resources and expand your empire’s territory. 

Another great feature of this game is that you can mutate ants. By plundering resources and expanding your territory you can build a mighty Ant Troop. Also, you can create advanced Soldier Ants. Also, you need the leaders of your troops – The Special Ants. You can get them by hatching mutant eggs, and by combining your Soldier, Special and Ant Troops you can easily be victorious in your quests. 

Lastly, you can create alliances in The Ants: Underground Kingdom. You can create your own or join an existing Alliance and help other people grow and fight together. With their help your ant empire will only grow stronger and bigger. 


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