MAC OS Advanced Must See - These 9 Tips Will Turn You Into A MAC Expert In Seconds


I've been using a Mac system for several years now, and its excellent office efficiency and widening compatibility have made it my primary device. However, even in 2022, there are still some users who believe that the Mac operating system has no advantage over Windows, and some even format and install Windows directly after purchasing a Mac.

If you have purchased an Apple computer but are still using Windows,merge two pdf pages into one page mac then after you understand some basic operations, you will be able to further explore the value of Mac OS if you work with some of the functional tips that come with the system.

1. Quick Preview: When using Windows, opening a file usually requires the appropriate software. For example, media such as video and music require a player, Word, Excel and PPT require a specialized Office suite, and RAW images taken by a camera need to be opened in Photoshop using Camera Raw. In fact, in most cases, users are only searching for a file rather than opening it, but since naming marks are not made, they have to open the file to confirm.

In Mac, these limitations don't exist. The usual audio, video, PDF, text documents, RAW images, etc. are displayed as thumbnails. Users can easily and quickly search for the files they want.

If you just want to have a rough preview of the file content and don't want to open it all, just select the file and press the space bar to quickly preview the file content. For example, for audio and video, you can drag to play; for PDF and Word documents, you can turn the page to view. This type of quick preview can greatly improve the efficiency of presentations at work. In addition to the use of the space bar for fast preview, equipped with the strength of the trackpad Mac just need to re-press the trackpad to achieve a fast preview, which is somewhat similar to the iPhone on the 3D Touch.

2. The system comes with a screen recording: sometimes in order to demonstrate certain features of the system, we have to show it through video. For example, this article also uses screen recording to demonstrate so that you can understand it more intuitively. In earlier years, I used software like Screen Recording Master, and while the results were barely acceptable, experience users had to put up with watermarks.

In the Mac system, there is a built-in screen recording function. First, we need to open QuickTime Player software, and then right-click on the software to select New Screen Recording.

Before we start recording, we can set up actions such as microphone and display mouse. Then after pressing the Record button, the system will ask us to choose Full Screen Recording or Region Recording.

During the recording process, right-click QuickTime Player to choose Stop Recording. At this point, the video just recorded will be displayed as a preview. Click Close and the system will ask if you want to keep the recorded video, choose Save to get the screen recording file.

3. The system comes with screenshot and short video recording: If you think using QuickTime Player is too cumbersome, you can try pressing the Shift-Command-5 shortcut. This shortcut can also be used to take screenshots and record screen shots. Here, you can choose full screen/area screenshot, as well as select the time you need to record when screen recording. The system provides the options of unlimited time, 5 seconds and 10 seconds.

Unlike the screenshot function of third-party software, Mac comes with the ability to mark, doodle, crop, and other post-production functions after the screenshot is completed, which is somewhat similar to the screenshot in iOS.

4. Post-processing images and videos without professional software: Sometimes we need to do simple post-processing operations such as cropping and color grading on images, but not all of us have professional post-processing software.Mac's Picture Preview provides us some basic post-processing editing functions. By clicking the button in the picture, we can open the editing tool.

Through the editing tools, we can quickly modify the size of the picture, crop the picture or adjust the exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows and other colors of the picture; and it even includes an advanced function in Photoshop - Auto Selection Tool, which can perform selection operation on some pictures with big difference in color blocks. About more modification functions, here will not be expanded in detail, you can slowly explore.

Similarly, the video also provides simple rotation and cropping functions. It's very convenient to use when you want to invert the video or remove some irrelevant clips. Click Edit and drag the start and end time of the video to crop it directly.

5. Gently move the mouse to lock the screen: When working in the office, you may leave the computer for a short time during lunch or when you go to the restroom. there is no need to shut down or hibernate the Mac, but you don't want people to see what's displayed on the screen. Immediate access to the screen saver program is possible with a flick of the mouse, which is what Trigger Corner does.

Select "Trigger Corner" under "Desktop and Screen Saver" in System Preferences, and then set different functions for each of the four screen corners, such as Launchpad, Notification Center, Screen Saver, Lock Screen and other operations.

When the mouse moves to the four corners of the screen, it will trigger different functions. Compared to the already very convenient gesture operation, is this not more convenient?

6. too many programs open on one screen? Then give you a few screens: usually use the computer often need to open a number of applications, the number of more will become complicated, resulting in reduced efficiency. mac's solution is: since a screen program is too much, then give you a few screens. Here we will use the Mission Control scheduling center function.

You can call out the Scheduling Center by swiping up with four fingers. In the scheduling center, we can see that all the apps are placed in one screen in a preview format.

In the top right corner of the screen there is a plus button, click on it to create a new desktop; or just drag the program onto the plus sign, which will allow each desktop to display a separate program.

Once we have placed each application on a separate desktop, we can switch between desktops by swiping left and right with four fingers. This feature not only improves work efficiency, but also protects your privacy if you are viewing some videos that you don't want people to see by quickly switching to the normal work interface.

7. One mind, two minds: two software split-screen display: using a large screen for work to browse content is bound to be very fast. For example, I have to be busy both writing original and spend time watching videos, time is simply not enough ah. Mac provides us with the Split View function, which is similar to the one in Windows. Here are two ways to use Split View.

The first way is to set your browser to window mode, and then press the browser's maximize button with three fingers to make it part of the split screen; then the system will ask you to select another program as the other part of the split screen, and then you can sift through the material while writing.

Another way to maximize a program, and then four-point drag up to call out the scheduling center, at this time the other program will be dragged into the thumbnail of the program 1 can be achieved by splitting the screen, and left and right dragging the dividing line can be adjusted to the screen ratio.

8. File is too messy? Try smart categorization. Due to the mac does not have a partition, the beginning of the use of the system will often throw the file everywhere manually for a long time by the difficult to categorize, it is time to organize your mac. Open finder - file - new smart folder, this time a new folder will pop up!

Next, you need to filter through the search to organize the contents of your files, by clicking on the + sign will pop up the filter box, which can be based on time, type, name, content, etc. classification, but also according to the file format for the second filter, of course, enter the file name can be more accurate. Here the owner intends to organize all the psd files, so in the search box enter the psd and then select the image format, at this time all the psd folder has been filtered out, click on the storage of your folder on the creation of a good!

9. Adjust volume and brightness in a more precise way. mac through the volume keys or brightness keys can be adjusted easily and quickly, but each time a big frame a jump, the span between the two for some scenarios is still spaced out a little big, such as in the silent environment when you want to open the volume a little bit, but don't want to affect other people, at this time, you can try to hold down the Option + Shift and then with the volume keys, you will be surprised to find that the volume and brightness, you will be able to see that the volume and brightness is not as high as it should be. You will be surprised to find that the volume will be adjusted by 1/4 of a meter.


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