Fish, seafood and other marine products
Dairy products and eggs
Bakery and cereal products (excluding infant food)
Fruit, fruit preparations and nuts
Vegetables and vegetable preparations
Other food products and non-alcoholic beverages
Food purchased from table-service restaurants
Food purchased from fast food and take-out restaurants
Food purchased from cafeterias and other restaurants
Tenants' insurance premiums
Tenants' maintenance, repairs and other expenses
Mortgage interest cost
Homeowners' replacement cost
Property taxes (including special charges)
Homeowners' home and mortgage insurance
Homeowners' maintenance and repairs
Other owned accommodation expenses
Natural gas
Fuel oil and other fuels
Child care and housekeeping services
Household cleaning products
Paper, plastic and foil supplies
Other household goods and services
Furniture and Household Textiles
Household equipment
Services related to household furnishings and equipment
Women's Clothing
Men's Clothing
Children's clothing (including infants)
Women's footwear (excluding athletic)
Men's footwear (excluding athletic)
Children's footwear (excluding athletic)
Athletic footwear
Leather clothing accessories
Other clothing accessories
Clothing material and notions
Laundry Services
Dry cleaning services
Other clothing services
Purchase, leasing and rental of passenger vehicles
Operation of passenger vehicles
Local and commuter transportation
Inter-city transportation
Health care goods
Health care services
Personal care supplies and equipment
Personal care services
Recreational equipment and services (excluding recreational vehicles)
Purchase and operation of recreational vehicles
Home entertainment equipment, parts and services
Travel services
Other cultural and recreational services
Reading material and other printed matter (excluding textbooks)
Alcoholic beverages served in licensed establishments
Alcoholic beverages purchased from stores
Other tobacco products and smokers' supplies
Non-durable goods excluding food purchased from stores
Non-durable goods excluding food purchased from stores and energy
Round steak, 1 kilogram
Sirloin steak, 1 kilogram
Prime rib roast, 1 kilogram
Blade roast, 1 kilogram
Stewing beef, 1 kilogram
Ground beef, regular, 1 kilogram
Pork chops, 1 kilogram
Chicken, 1 kilogram
Bacon, 500 grams
Wieners, 450 grams
Canned sockeye salmon, 213 grams
Homogenized milk, 1 litre
Partly skimmed milk, 1 litre
Butter, 454 grams
Processed cheese food slices, 250 grams
Evaporated milk, 385 millilitres
Eggs, 1 dozen
Bread, 675 grams
Soda crackers, 450 grams
Macaroni, 500 grams
Flour, 2.5 kilograms
Corn flakes, 675 grams
Apples, 1 kilogram
Bananas, 1 kilogram
Grapefruits, 1 kilogram
Oranges, 1 kilogram
Apple juice, canned, 1.36 litres
Orange juice, tetra-brick, 1 litre
Carrots, 1 kilogram
Celery, 1 kilogram
Mushrooms, 1 kilogram
Onions, 1 kilogram
Potatoes, 4.54 kilograms
French fried potatoes, frozen, 1 kilogram
Baked beans, canned, 398 millilitres
Tomatoes, canned, 796 millilitres
Tomato juice, canned, 1.36 litres
Ketchup, 1 litre
Sugar, white, 2 kilograms
Coffee, roasted, 300 grams
Coffee, instant, 200 grams
Tea (72 bags)
Cooking or salad oil, 1 litre
Soup, canned, 284 millilitres
Baby food, 128 millilitres
Peanut butter, 500 grams
Fruit flavoured crystals, 2.25 litres
Soft drinks, cola type, 2 litres
Soft drinks, lemon-lime type, 2 litres
Paper towels (2 rolls)
Facial tissue (200 tissues)
Bathroom tissue (4 rolls)
Shampoo, 300 millilitres
Deodorant, 60 grams
Toothpaste, 100 millilitres
Cigarettes (200)