Still say cord blood is useless? The facts tell the story


Currently, cord blood bone marrow transplants have been used to treat more than 80 diseases.

Cord blood hematopoietic stem cell transplantation is indicated for the treatment of malignant diseases including acute leukemia, chronic leukemia, myelodysplastic syndromes,臍帶血 multiple myeloma, lymphoma and other malignant tumors. It can also be used to treat non-malignant diseases such as aplastic anemia, severe radiation sickness, and thalassemia major; and it can be used to treat some genetic, congenital, and metabolic diseases.

What are the reasons for the increasing number of cases of cord blood application research?

1. Widening range of applications

Because cord blood is rich in not only hematopoietic stem cells, but also other types of stem cells, it can be used to treat these diseases. In neurological disorders, such as autism and cerebral palsy,臍帶血 the treatment of cord blood has achieved a stage of progress in research. In neurological diseases, such as autism and cerebral palsy, cord blood therapy has made great progress in research. Meanwhile, the clinical application of cord blood in cerebrovascular diseases and autoimmune diseases also has a promising future.

2. The technology of cord blood transplantation is becoming more and more mature.

Cord blood transplantation has been used since 1988. Over the past 30 years, more and more cases have been reported on the clinical application of cord blood. With the rich clinical experience,臍帶血 the coordination of radiotherapy, the use of drug dosage, and the selection of cord blood application methods have all been greatly improved, and cord blood transplantation has become the treatment of choice for many patients.

3. The recognition of cord blood is growing.

From the initial ignorance to the subsequent half-belief, and then to our current general recognition, more and more countries have a correct understanding of the medical value of cord blood, so in the education of the child's own birth choose to give the child can be stored in the cord blood, from a macro point of view, this kind of economic and social development of the cognitive change, this kind of influence on the choice of the family, so that the amount of cord blood storage continues to increase, which also allows more different patients to have the application of the cord blood transplantation method. More patients have the opportunity to utilize cord blood, and the opportunity to utilize this technology may be an optimal choice in the treatment process.


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