What are the stages of software development?

When you are developing software, you will have different stages that you will have to go through. If you want to create anything like a website or an application, then you will have to go through different stages so that you can first of all plan what are the thing that you will be doing and also how are you going to do it and who will be the one to do it.
If you are keeping a planning session, then a company needs to listen to the requests made by all of the employees because who knows that any employee might have an idea and if the company uses that idea, they might even flourish in the market or on the internet. When the planning starts, each stage of the phase will be finalized by everyone on the spot, and then only, they will start to talk about the next stage that they will perform and this is called thorough planning, which is effective be all time when you are working in a company.
There are different kinds of software development lifecycle tools that you can find on the internet, and you can use these tools to make your website the world’s best-ranked website or application, and it will help your company a lot in growing in the market due to this reason, and also many people from a different company will come looking for the people who were responsible for creating the website or the application that has gone viral in the whole world and I being used by many people almost daily and at any time they want because nothing is ever shut down in this digital work because they are not shops as most of these things are run on servers which have a distinct and a unique AI inside of them.
The first stage is analysis, in which you will have to check everything out that you need to check, like risks and everything. The next stage is planning that you need to plan everything out, like what you are going to do and also the things and the kind of software that you need to make. The next step is development and design, in which you will have to use the code that is made by the software developer, and then you can easily get the thing that you wanted to create for a long time.

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