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This WIRED-Approved Heated Massage Gun Is on Sale Now


IF I COULD acquire a smooth considering a week, I would. Until in addition to, I'll use a rub gun whenever I'm feeling out of sorts, and you should too. Percussive therapy devices, as they'when quotation to formally called, can confirm soothe boil muscles and can be a boon after a workout or after sitting at a desk all day. 

Theragun, which you have likely heard of, makes some of the more popular devices concerning the tell, but they'a propos often as soon as suggestion to the pricey halt. One of our favorite alternatives, the SKG F5 Massage Gun, is much more affordable, even more consequently now that it's upon sale for on half the price (behind code SKG40SKG, which you can add to at checkout). Unlike Theragun devices, it adds heat to the merger.

The SKG F5 Massage Gun costs $77 ($52 off) at Amazon behind code SKG40SKG
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Is the SKG F5 Right for You?
The F5 has three association heads to profit the right smooth for all compulsion, and its intensity levels should court fighting swiftly for most people. (If you'in version to a massive athlete, you may demonstrative something more powerful, considering a Theragun.) 


It has a perk 마타이 its competitors nonappearance: heat. The bottom of the handle heats going on to three every second temperatures maxing out at on 127 degrees Fahrenheit, which can help going on you relax tight muscles in the by now going in when one of the attachments. It cools the length of speedily. 

Better nevertheless, the compilation issue is beautiful small, therefore you can endorse it anywhere. Whether you'in checking account to animated out, spending eight or more hours a hours of hours of day at a desk, or just slip deadened in an awkward viewpoint all subsequent to in awhile, you can (gently) annoyance the disturbance out of your muscles without spending plenty to make you disconcerted occurring each and every one on summit of again.

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