Delete Cash App Account - Check Out the Steps In Detail

If you’re one of the many folks who are feeling fed up with Cash App, you're probably on the lookout for tactics to delete your Cash App account.  This actually because the stage enables users to manage their accounts in the direction that they deem fit.


Methods are to delete your Cash App account. you'll either delete a Cash App on your phone or through Cash App. Without further ado, allow us to ascertain how exactly to undertake the present system on your phone or Cash App's official website.


Things to need into account before Deleting Your Cash App Account. There are always sort of points to need into account before deleting your Cash App account. They include:


Remember that you simply won’t have the facility to understand access to your payment history once you delete or restarting your Cash App account. So you're able to download your payment history if you'd like it for future reference.


You don't delete your account if there are any pending deposits or payments. That said, you need to send any pending funds and clear your accounts of any funds.


  1. Inspect the Cash App and login to a Cash App account using your email address in conjunction with your phone number (use the one you used to start your Cash App account).
  2. This worldwide website should take you to your accounts dash. a call for participation register Code will appear on your page. Tap on it, and a code is getting to be delivered to you via email or SMS, depending upon the knowledge you provided once you were registering. This process must, but not be a drag if you're doing not have a MasterCard or even a Money Card.
  3. Input this code then tap on sign up and ensure your individuality.
  4. You should then scroll right down to the lowest of the webpage and choose Deactivate Account.
  5. you will be led to a page where you’ll be asked to provide a shred of evidence for deleting your account. Simply choose your suitable reason and click on Continue. it is vital to form sure that the message contains your homonyms, phone number, and current email address.
  6. Even the customer support team will subsequently get in-tuned with you and ensure whether the deletion of one’s Cash App account was successful or to request additional information where applicable to enable your account deactivation.

Delete your Cash App account on your iPhone


  1. At the delete your Cash App account on your iPhone
  2. Open the Cash App.
  3. The app icon is green.
  4. In case you've some money in your accounts, make sure to transfer it to your bank before you continue. Do so by tapping on the cash amount at the lowest left corner, then tapping” Cash Out.”
  5. Tap” Support,” at the highest of the menu. Its icon is now a problem mark.
  6. At the lowest of the new menu, then tap” Something .”
  7. Scroll to the lowest with this fresh menu then pat on” Account Settings.”
  8. It should be fourth from the bottom.
  9. With the “Confirm Closing Account.” this might sign you outside of the Cash App. A text or email confirmation is getting to be delivered to you to demonstrate you've unlinked your account. confirm that you simply get this email before you reboot into the app.
  10. The Apps on your screen begin to shake, and also a little”x” will appear From the top-right hand of each app. Click the one onto the Cash App to Delete the app from your phone. 

Delete Your Cash App Account within the Phone


It possible to delete the Cash App account over your phone within the program’s app. that's possibly the sole way, therefore allow us to ascertain how exactly to start it.


  • Open the Cash App on your phone.
  • Just in case you’ve cleared the funds from your accounts, you'll then tap the circular icon resembling a private at the very best left corner to display the Account Menu.
  • you would like to then scroll down on the accounts menu and tap on ‘Cash Support’ Scroll down and tap something Else’ menu.
  • About another thing,’ scroll down and tap ‘Account Settings.’
  • You don’t do tap on Close my Cash App Account. this is often always to concur you'd wish to deactivate your Cash App account. You’ll be signed out of the Cash App, and also a delete confirmation is getting to be sent to you via your current email or through SMS.


 For any kind of help contact our Cash app support team