What Are The Copywriting Trends 2020 You Must Focus On For Boosting Your SEO Results



Copywriting is an important element of any effective SEO strategy. When combined with other tactics, it can give your website rankings a solid boost and ensure its higher ranking in search engines.


It is important to understand that SEO copywriting is different than traditional copywriting even if the processes are the same. It is more complex as it involves using search engine friendly keywords. If you believe that by adding specific phrases to your content can help you achieve the desired results, you are way off the mark. Search engines have become highly advanced and smart. You simply cannot hope to use quick-fix solutions to achieve your marketing goals.


SEO copywriting can get you great dividends if done right. If you look at the copywriting trends 2020, you will get a fair idea of what will work best for your SEO needs specifically for your kind of business and industry. If you want to remain competitive and stay in sync with the changing times, you must know what moves will keep your business a few steps ahead of others. These are the things you must focus on:


Voice Search


Experts believe that an increasing percentage of searches are going to be done using Siri, Alexa, and Google. People find it easy to speak out a few words that type it out. Your SEO strategy must consider this aspect by using keywords that respond better to voice searches.


Blog Posts


Copywriting trends 2020 reveals the importance of blog posts in a winning SEO strategy. People love reading blogs – especially the ones that provide them interesting and valuable information replete with absorbing stats and charts. A good blog post is one that offers practical advice that can be easily understood and applied by readers, and information in the form of verifiable data. Images and videos can make the blog more appealing and attractive. Make sure you use keywords appropriately to optimize the results of your blog posts.


Social Media Engagement


Your copywriting efforts must focus sharply on social media content too. Channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter continue to attract more audiences and that’s why you must have a good presence on these channels. Creating engaging content for social media demand a different kind of skill as you will come across different types of audiences here. You must know how to tweak your copywriting content to meet the information needs of social media users.


Webinar Content


Many digital marketing industry leaders are using webinars to spread their message. Webinars are becoming as popular as blogs and podcasts. It presents copywriters an opportunity to display their skills as videos need copy too. Webinar content is different than traditional content as presentations are generally done in the form of slideshows, lead magnets, and other similar forms. Your copywriting efforts for webinars must also focus on writing ads as webinars need to be promoted as well.


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