Herbiar’s products are made in the USA & 100% cruelty-free


BALTIMORE, MD: Herbiar is known to be one of those cosmetics brands that seem to actually care about what their customers get to use. Most of their skincare products use all-natural ingredients; their makeup and haircare products are paraben-free; and every one of their products is manufactured in USA. The brand takes immense pride in offering their customers 100% cruelty-free products.

Each of the three product categories has several existing product lines with new products frequently added to meet the specific needs of Herbiar customers. The skincare category offers people looking for organic skincare products a wide variety of face serums, ampoule treatments, cleansers, moisturizers, toners, eye creams, masks, scrubs, and more. Similarly, the makeup products have hyper-modern mascaras, liquid matte lipsticks, and makeup removers to offer, whereas haircare the brand’s famous essential oils series, which currently offers organic castor oil.

In particular, Herbiar’s USDA certified organic castor oil, the waterproof mascara, and ampoule treatments have caused quite a stir in the market. The all-natural castor oil is extracted by cold pressing the seeds and the oil is packaged in a specially built container that is 100% contaminants free. This organic castor oil is used by customers for adding volume and growth to their eyelashes, eyebrows and hair. The oil also treats various scalp infections.

The waterproof advanced HD mascara comes in a sleek container with a sturdy applicator that helps with putting on the mascara. Herbiar claims that, thanks to the product’s zero moisture absorption feature, customers can wear it in extremely humid days and even during rain without causing any smudges. The nurturing ingredients in this mascara also boost eyelashes growth.

Herbiar’s paraben-free series of treatment ampoules provides customers research-based clean treatment complexes that boost the beauty and health of their skin and hair. The products are mixed using cutting-edge technology and packed into their glass vials with zero contaminants.

These hallmark products from Herbiar indicate a clear direction the brand wants to take in the future. We can expect to see much more of innovation and research-driven product ideas that may utilize 100% organic list of ingredients.

Speaking about the brand’s strategy of combining use of quality ingredients with ethical production, Herbiar’s representative, Raaz, said, “Herbiar leadership has always taken pride in giving our customers every reason to trust our products. With the cruelty-free and organic ingredients guarantee, our customers know we want them to feel great about themselves in every sense of the phrase while using our products.”

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Herbiar is a cosmetics brand that focuses on makeup, skincare and haircare segments. The brand is known for its passion for creating cruelty-free, organic products. More details about Herbiar can be found on their business website (https://herbiar.com) or via email (info@herbiar.com) while inquiries can also be made via phone calls to [(501) 205 5493].