10+ Pumpkin Carving Ideas Funny 2021 for this year

Pumpkin Carving Ideas Funny 2021 for this year: Gear up to welcome your favourite fiction character in town with an overly dramatic costume. Get ready to fill your candy stash to the brim. It is time to deck the house with Halloween decorations. It is the time of the year when the neighbourhood turns into a mystical land when the monsters under your bed prance on the streets.

Halloween truly is a jolly good time of the year. Thinking about cheerful and jolly themes, here we have some funny Pumpkin carving ideas for you to celebrate your Halloween with a quirk.

1. Clown Pumpkins
While clowns may seem the most cliché idea for Pumpkin carving funny patterns, you could stand apart this Halloween by making it cultural. Research on the distinctive clowns in various countries and regions and make a montage of the same. You could use white paint to paint the pumpkins for the clown face. The history of clowns goes as far as 2500 BCE so you could research on the evolution of clowns and have a chronological display of the clowns over the centuries. From the Egyptian Clown, to the roman fools to the entertainers of West Europe, you could have it all. You could also paint some black and white stripes and go for the somber pantomime of France or what’s a Halloween without the creepy Pennywise from It? So go crazy this Halloween with a clown pumpkin party. 

2. Cartoon Pumpkins
We all have fond memories of bursting out laughing at funny cartoons till our sides ached. Who can forget the love – hate bond of Tom and Jerry or the adventures of Pokemon? So this Halloween, let us get set on bringing our favourite cartoon characters to life. You could add a healthy twist to your food table with a popeye themed pumpkin with spinach salad as a filling.

You could also turn your home into an underwater abode by designing sponge bob characters out of your pumpkins. Or how about an evil genius by creating Dexter’s laboratory display. You could use a pair of spectacles for Dexter pumpkin and maybe some a spare pink dress from a doll for Dee Dee pumpkin to create the iconic brother sister duo. So think out of the box and get set to create a magical cartoon world.

3. Pumpkins from the West
One of the most iconic era of Hollywood was when the cowboy movies released. The chronicles of the cowboys of the Wild West left everyone amazed and enthralled. The handsome hunks with the tassled jackets riding bravely in the countryside were a delight to watch. So this Halloween, why don’t we recreate those chiseled hunks into pumpkins?