Twitch Supporter "Beryl" writes, "Good inside, but hard to put together"

After breaking their losing streak, DRX lost again. They played the Twitch Supporter card on their top-mid jay, but it didn't work against the solid Brion. Even their unique pick-ban and strategy didn't work, and they fell apart.


Commenting on the loss to Brion, coach Kim Mok-kyung said, "It's unfortunate that the game didn't go the way we prepared. The things that have been bothering us recently came to the surface. We lost helplessly, so there are many things we need to fix."


Speaking about DRX's problems, Kim Mok-kyung said, "We're getting better at communication, but there are still problems. Even when the game is not in their favor, they often become passive or impatient. There were many such situations in today's game."


When asked about DRX's recent losses in bot laning, 'Beryl' replied, "Honestly, I think we've sorted out our laning compositions to a certain extent, but we made mistakes in the laning phase and lost."


"My opinion is important, but a third party's opinion is also important," Beryl said, referring to her first appearance as a Twitch supporter in the LCK. I was told that if the team uses it well, it's better than I thought, but it's hard to get the sum right as a team."


Beryl designed her top line movements on Twitch at the beginning of the third set. When asked about the details of her plan, she said, "I had a plan A, but my opponent coped well. It was good until I got to the top and subtracted Xanthe's health and wards, but Uhm 'Mumty' Sung-hyun avoided the wards and used blink to gank," he said, praising Uhm's sharp play.


In response to Kim 'Croco' Dong-bum's comment that his aggression doesn't come through on DRX, Kim Mok-kyung said, "That's true. In the rib sandbox, he focused on himself. There were a lot of rookies, so I played a one-hit game with easy combinations. I'm learning a lot from 'Beryl-Rascal' in terms of operations, so I'm learning a lot from her. Still, I can always pull out 'Croco's' aggression."


Finally, 'Beryl' and coach Kim Mok-kyung vowed, "We were disappointed with our performance against Brion, 토토사이트 but we will come back with a good performance in the next game against Hanwha Life Esports."