A complete setup about WinDirStat

Windirstat is a free software tool that helps you analyze the file system usage on your PC. It will display graphical representation of the data, i.e., how much space is used and how much space is available. You’ll be able to see how the file system has changed over time and spot which files or folders are taking up most of your hard drive space.


Windirstat is a free tool that can be used to take a closer look at your hard disk space. It aids the user in finding out which folders or files are taking up the most disk space.


The one thing that might seem confusing is how to get started with this program, which is why we're going to break it down for you. We're going to go over Windirstat's interface and tools, and give you some tips for using them as well.



WinDirStat is a shareware that shows the size of each individual folder on your hard drive and how much space you are using. It can be used to clean up and optimise your hard drive.



What is WinDirStat used for?


If your Windows PC is slow, it may be due to the fact it’s jogging out of area. One manner to get your PC jogging like new once more is to delete undesirable documents that soak up area in your tough drive.

However, checking record after record may be a tedious and time eating process. With a device like WinDirStat, you may lessen the muddle and get a brief assessment of all of the documents saved at the drive.


This assessment indicates you the folders that soak up the maximum area, along side distinct statistics approximately the content material they contain. WinDirStat downloads colour codes for every record, so that you have the choice to glance through and become aware of the record kinds that soak up the maximum area.


The benefit of the use of WinDirStat is that it lets in you to boom the dimensions and delete documents directly.


How to install WinDirStat


1. Download the WinDirStat.


2. Optional step: Verify the checksum of the installer before you run it to verify the software you're running is authentic. For instructions and more information, see How to verify the checksum of an installer file.


3. Run the installer.


4. The User Account Control prompt asks for your permission to install WinDirStat. Choose Yes.



5. Review the WinDirStat license agreement.  If you accept the agreement, check the box and click Next.


6. Choose which optional components you'd like to install. If you're not sure, you can use the default settings. Click Next to continue.


7. Choose the location on your computer where WinDirStat should be installed. To use the default location, click Next.


8. Click Finish to run WinDirStat.



How to use WinDirStat


WinDirStat begins by asking you which drives it should scan. Highlight your choices, or choose All local drives to scan everything. You can also choose to scan only one particular directory on your computer. To begin scanning, click OK.



While WinDirStat performs its scan, it displays a Pac-Man animation next to the items being scanned. The scan can take a while, depending on your computer.



You will know that the scan is complete when you see the graph displayed at the bottom of the window in the Treemap.


Why should I use WinDirStat?


Windows already allows you to check your free disk space using the File Explorer. In Windows 10, for instance, you can click This PC in the left pane of any File Explorer windows, and see how much space you have available on your disk drives.



If you right-click any disk and select Properties, you will see more detailed information under the General tab.



You can do the same thing with individual directories on your computer. Right-click any folder, select Properties, and Windows will tally up the size of all the files and directories that it contains.


However, these methods don't give you many details. Is there one big file taking up all that space? Is there one particular folder containing lots of big files?


That's where WinDirStat can be used. It can show you a diagram of every file on your computer, and you can see at a glance which files and directories are taking up most of your space.

Let's look at how to install WinDirStat, and how to use it.



Is WinDirStat safe?


WinDirStat is primarily based totally at the Linux software program KDirStat and gives a number of the equal features. This is an open supply program, appropriate for each novices and skilled users.


The software program shows information associated with all documents and folders taking on area on each inner and outside tough drives, so that you can delete the documents you not want and enhance the general overall performance of your PC. When it involves safety, the software program is dependable and does now no longer infect the pc with malicious content.



Is WinDirStat free?


This disk cleansing and evaluation device is loose to down load and use. This is a wonderful addition to pc utilities and assist you to accelerate your device. The simplest downside of the use of this device is that it does now no longer warn customers while they are trying to delete an important device file, this means that customers should be careful while the use of WinDirStat.



The space-saving hero of PC gaming


If you're familiar with WinDirStat then you already know why we're head over heels for this nifty application.

You might as well cheers and be off for this one, too: this is for anyone not yet familiar with this not-so-hidden gem of PC organisation, that which is more useful than ever right now in PC gaming.





1. Suitable for beginners and advanced users


2. Showing results in 3 formats


3. Option to customize generated reports


4. Creates a clickable map of the data on your disk, color-coded by type


5. Provides additional information about specific data when you click on an item on the map


6. Easily reveal specific folders in Windows Explorer, open them in a command prompt, or copy their path


7. Show basic information about any file or folder you select.


8. View your entire disk by order of files, so you can see the largest space hogs.


9. View your space consumption by file extension, so you know what file types are taking up the most space.


10. Customizable colors to pretty up the presentation of your space-sucking files.


WinDirStat: The tool for Steam gamers


The one key obstacle I’ve observed approximately WIndows’ personal Storage settings is that they have got blinders on wherein different app shops are concerned. If you’ve downloaded some video games through Steam, for example, Windows can’t apprehend how a great deal area they take up.


WinDirStat solves this trouble with the aid of using providing a top-down view of your tough drive, with a graphical illustration of the scale and kind of your files. Want to discover how a whole lot area is fed on with the aid of using MP4 video files. WinDirStat can inform you.


It gives this statistics to you in a File Explorer-like interface coupled with a graphical UI, so that you can also additionally want to dig thru and locate any hidden Steam games, for example, which can have escaped your notice.


The mixture of Windows’ personal Storage settings and WinDirStat won't magically easy up your tough drive, however they’ll assist you're making an knowledgeable selection on what to hold and what to delete.




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