G2 not going down without a fight, records first win

G2 Esports picked up their first win against Genji. After the mid game, G2 looked much cleaner and calmer than in previous matches, 섯다 both in terms of combat and operations.


In set three, Genji took control of the mid lane, with 'Chobi' on Xanthe pressuring 'Caps' Annie, and 'Peanut' on Nidalee trying to counter jungle against 'Yaik's' Poppy to open up a big gap in growth.


Still, G2 had Jaya on the bottom, who was growing well, and Kenen and Ani on the top, who had plenty of one-hit wonders, but Peanut's Nidalee targeted the top well, stopping Kenen's growth and taking the messenger. But G2 wasn't going to go down without a fight. 온라인섯다 They pushed off their opponents in the mid lane and built up two stacks of dragons.


With back-to-back wins in the fight, G2 slowly turned the tide in their favor. At 21-minutes, G2 led 8:3 in kills and had two stacks of dragons. However, Genzira Global Gold, who had pushed a lot of towers, was tense.


And it was G2 who gained the upper hand, as 'Yaik's' Poppy took all of the opponent's aggro and lured them away. This definitely gave G2 an advantage after they took the Baron. However, G2 overplayed and lost Poppy and Kenen on the bottom lane, as well as the blink of Jaya "Hanssama".


But after regrouping, G2 was strong, and with 'Chobi's' Xanthe cut, G2, who had the compositional advantage in the hantas, 고스톱 continued to fight well and broke Genji's nexus in 32 minutes to take their first win.