How to know genuine Samsung printer ink or not

SamSung is one of the brands that is no stranger to many printer users, not only printers but also famous for products related to smart mobile devices, Smart TVs, cameras, ... It is this widespread belief that is one of the reasons that many bad guys take advantage of the production and sale of fake, non-genuine ink to make a profit. With sophisticated and unpredictable tricks, bad actors often deceive many users, making them very confused when choosing quality ink.




The pouring of poor quality printer ink, using non-genuine ink not only reduces the printing quality but also puts your printer at risk of consuming electricity bills as well as machine damage. At the same time, it also affects everyone's health, so in today's article, the main topic that I want to mention is how to read How to check for genuine Samsung printer ink.


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Introduction and How to check for genuine Samsung printer ink

Next, we will guide readers to identify the most specific details to check for genuine Samsung printer ink.

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Your guide to checking genuine Samsung printer ink

To check genuine Samsung printer ink, buy good quality Samsung printer ink, you need to know the criteria, as well as carefully observe the specific details on SamSung ink cartridges.


1. Users need to pay attention to parameters such as Serial Number, Samsung Logo printed and pasted on the product packaging as well as ink cartridge. You should pay attention to the serial number as well as the logo to see if they are printed out sharp or not.


2. We need to check whether the outside of the Samsung toner cartridge has been scratched, or has been peeling off & there are signs of being used.


3. Note, or observe, the colors of the Samsung security label. Please tilt the Samsung security label, notice that the genuine Samsung logo of the Samsung corporation will change from clear to turquoise, then this will be a genuine ink. If you encounter the opposite situation, the logo does not change color, it proves that the ink you are holding in your hand is fake ink.

4. You should also pay attention to the embossed characters on the security label, the product ensures that the characters are easy to see the red, yellow and blue transition.


5. Download Samsung's SyncThru Web service to check your print cartridges, and you'll get incredibly accurate notifications about the toner cartridge you're interested in more quickly than ever before.


This article above we have shared with readers 5 ways to identify and distinguish what is genuine ink of SamSung, and what is ink of counterfeit and fake products.


Thank you for taking the time to read my tutorial, I hope this helpful article will help you know how to recognize genuine Samsung inks quickly.